Investigative journalist Russ Baker on Senate Intelligence Committee Torture Report

Over a month has passed since  the Senate Intelligence Committee released a 500 page summary report on the use of torture and interrogation by the the Central Intelligence Agency. Despite the extensive coverage it received when it first released, the media has been completely silent about a report that revealed to us some of the most horrific human rights violations we have ever seen. Investigative journalist Russ Baker joined News Now’s Fakiha Baig to speak about this silence, and also discussed with her how the Central Intelligence Agency has managed to use shocking forms of torture and interrogation without any accountability.

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Monday August 4th, 2014 – Shadeism, Canada’s Detention Policy, The Izzat Project

York Community Report: News Now’s Dani Sinnatamby speaks to director and producer Naani Thiyagarajah of “Shadeism”, a documentary regarding skin colour discrimination. The term shadeism refers to the discrimination between lighter and darker skinned members of the same community. Targeted communities most often include people of African, Caribbean, and South Asian diasporas.

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Feature Report: Following our Monday’s Detainment Series, Fakiha Baig speaks with Mina Ramos of End Immigration Detention Network about Canada’s detention practices. Currently, Canada’s Immigration Detention Policy allows for indefinite incarceration of immigrants, amongst many other unjust and immoral detention practices. Fakiha and Mina discuss these practices and the United Nation’s call for a change in practice.

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Independent Arts Report: Farrah Khan from the Izzat Project speaks to News Now about her comic titled, “Heartbeats: The Izzat Project.” The comic tells a story of six young South Asian women in Toronto who use illustration, design, and writing to share taboo stories and subjects that are present in the community. They women discuss subjects such as honour and violence. Farrah tells us how her comic book can help us better understand the realities of South Asian women in Toronto.

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Monday July 14, 2014 – Canada’s Role in the “War on Terror”

Feature Report : Continuing with our weekly detainment series, Fakiha Baig speaks with journalist Steven Zhou regarding Canada’s involvement in the “War on Terror.”  Since the declaration of war after 9/11, Canada has been fighting alongside the United States in Afghanistan. Steven speaks to News Now about Canada’s role in the issue, as well as the many cases of unlawful detainment in the States due to the war. To learn more about Steven Zhou’s work, please visit, or tweet him at @stevenzzhou

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Monday July 7, 2014 – Recruitment Abuse, Wrongful Detainment, and “Kitt and Jane”

York Community Report : Fakiha Baig speaks with Fay Faraday, author of a study called, “Profiting from the Precarious: How Recruitment Practices Exploit Migrant Workers.”  The study examines temporary foreign workers’ recruitment experiences and exposes disturbing evidence of patterns of recruitment abuse. The report also reveals inadequacies of existing legal models to protect low-wage migrant workers.  In this session, Fakiha and Fay discuss the study and how it helps to further understand the experiences of migrant workers. Access the study here:

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Feature Report: Following the new Detainment Series every Monday on News Now, Fakiha Baig speaks with Donald Pratt from the Justice for Hassan Diab committee. Hassan Diab was a Canadian sociology professor from Carleton University, who has been wrongfully accused by French authorities of being involved in a 1980 bombing near a synagogue in France. The French government has called for Hassan Diab to be extradited to France to face these allegations with flawed evidence. In this session, Fakiha and Donald discuss Hassan Diab’s case, as well as Canada’s unjust extradition law. To get involved, please visit

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Independent Arts & Culture: Daniel Rostas speaks with Ingrid Hansen, actress of stage play “Kitt and Jane: An Interactive Survival Guide to the Near-Post-Apocalypse Future.” In this piece, Ingrid and actor Rod Peter Junior, are two pre-teens who believe that the world is about to end, and decide to prepare for it. To learn more about this piece, please visit:

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Monday June 30, 2014 – Ghandeer Malek, Sarah Attia, and David Christopher

York Community Report: Fakiha Baig speaks with Palestinian feminist Ghandeer Malek, who also co-wrote the book Min Fami. Min Fami is an anthology of dialogues, narratives, essays, poetry, short stories, and visual art by Arab women. In this session, Fakiha and Chandeer discuss Arab feminism, gender issues in the global community, and what it means to be an Arab.

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Feature Interview: Fakiha Baig speaks with Sarah Attia, the wife of Canadian detainee Khaled Al-Qazzaz. Khaled was an aide to former President Mohammed Morsi until Morsi’s eviction. Since, he has been held in the Tora prison in Cairo, Egypt for over a year, without a valid charge. Fakiha and Sarah discuss Khaled’s involvement with Egypt, his current situation, and what steps Sarah is taking towards his release.

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Independent Arts & Culture: Daniel Rostas speaks with David Christopher of Open Media aims to help people discover how much of their personal information may have been shared with the government through their internet and cell phone providers.  They discuss the importance of privacy, how it may be breached, and Open Media’s new tool, Access My Info, which allows users to discover exactly what information may have been fed to our government illegally. To learn more about Open Media, and find the tool, Access My Info, please visit

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