Tamil Struggle Interview with Nedra Rodrigo

News Nows Arshia Lakhani spoke with Nedra Rodrigo, an activist, artist and  phD student at York University. They spoke about the ongoing genocide against the Tamil community in Sri Lanka, the effects of displacement on their community, as well as an upcoming panel from May 1st to the 2nd  with academics, artists, and performers from the Tamil community. You’ll also hear a spoken word piece by Gowri Koneswaran, who will performing at the Tamil Studies Symposium. Let’s listen to that interview.

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Greenpeace Canada challenges Harper Government’s Anti Terrorism Act 2015 (Bill C-51)

Protests are being staged across Canada in opposition to the new federal anti-terror bill – the Anti Terrorism Act 2015 – that was proposed by the Harper government in January. One of the major areas of concern for critics is the expanded powers given to CSIS – the Canadian Security Intelligence Service – under this Act. Critics allege that these expanded powers will result in the infringement of several Canadian Charter rights and freedoms, including the censorship of free expression online. On March 12, 2015 Joanna Kerr and Keith Stewart from Greenpeace Canada were invited to appear before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to voice their concerns about Bill C-51.Trisha Reyes speaks with Keith about these concerns.

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The ongoing stigmatization and criminalization of mental illness in Canada

Dr. Gary Chaimowitz  is a forensic psychiatrist who works out of St. Joseph’s hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, where he heads the forensic psychiatry program. He also teaches at McMaster University within the same field. Ruby Ajilore speaks with Dr. Chaimowitz about the history of mental illness in Canada. They discuss the stigmatization and criminalization of people with mental illnesses and the types of social changes need to alter this status quo.

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Audre Lorde Theatre Festivals takes on dub poetry, womanist theory, and anti-o politics.

The Audre Lorde Theatre Festival, hosted by the Watah Theatre Institute showcases a variety of abstract artists grounded in dub poetry, womanist theory and overall anti-oppression. Tracy Griffiths spoke with the creative director, Dbi Young Anitaafrika earlier today about the significance of this festival to Toronto’s African communities.

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Bill C-51 Karl Nerenberg Interview

News Now’s Fakiha Baig continues her discussion on Bill C-51, the Anti Terrorism Act 2015, with Karl Nerenberg.  Karl has been a journalist and film maker for over 25 years, including eight years as the producer of the CBC Radio show The House. He’s currently the parliament correspondent for rabble.ca. Very recently Karl published a new book titled Harper VS Canada: Five Ways of Looking at the Conservative Regime. Amongst several things today, Karl spoke to Fakiha about how the anti-terror bill does a poor job in targeting the issue of terrorism, why there is such a lack of scrutiny on this bill and breaks down how the proposal of a bill that infringes on Charter rights and freedoms is nothing new for the Harper government.
To learn more about Karl and his work, check out: http://rabble.ca/search/apachesolr_search/karl%20nerenberg
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