News Now is CHRY’s collective community news program, live every Monday – Friday at 5-6pm.

VISION: We strive to be a media source that is not merely popular, but necessary. We envision and practice media that is representative of marginalized peoples and perspectives and accountable to our listeners. We use radio as a tool to educate and engage in an ongoing struggle for social and environmental justice.

MISSION: As an alternative news outlet, News Now works as a team to collectively share skills and tasks among ourselves. We are also committed to challenging ourselves and analyzing our stories individually and at our weekly story meetings.

We approach stories using our 3D Content Framework:

Dig Deep – uncovering the greater issues and meaning behind a story

Define Solutions – focusing on action-based solutions

Design with Sound – creatively engaging listeners with the magic of audio

MANDATE:The CHRY News & Spoken Word Department is here to foster a strong community-led movement for more critical, accountable and representative media. Our goal is to prioritize and promote the voices/sounds of local events and groups who challenge and carefully examine the intersecting forms of oppression among our communities and dominant structures of society.

CHRY is a community-based campus station at York University in Toronto. Our mandate is to provide alternative programming, such as music not generally heard on commercial stations. We also provide in-depth spoken word programming and programming targeted to specific groups within the community. Although students play an important role in programming, we also provide access to members of the community at large. CHRY also provides training in radio production to volunteers. CHRY 105.5 FM is an anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic organization.