Ali Ozcelik and Nima Nakhaei w/ Christan Deo

Christian Deo hosted a two hour special on Monday November 10th, where he spoke to 6th year Phd students Ali Ozcelik and Nima Nakhaei, both of whom are specializing in Middle Eastern politics. Ali’s focus is on Turkey, while Nima is focusing on Iran.


ICE RIDE w/ Greenpeace, Experience the 1973 Chilean Coup & Joey Keithly of D.O.A.

YORK COMMUNITY REPORT: York University graduate and volunteer coordinator of Greenpeace Toronto Natalie Caine spoke to NEWS NOW about the potential dangers of oil exploration and extraction in the arctic. Greenpeace is organizing a worldwide ‘self-propelled wheeled’ ride on October 4th called the ICE RIDE.

Learn more about #savethearctic here and Greenpeace Canada

Find the Toronto ICE RIDE on facebook here


FEATURE REPORT: Ovide Bastien moved to Chile in July 1973, two months before a CIA sponsored coup would murder the country’s then president Salvador Allende and overthrow his democratically elected Popular Unity government.

Bastien recounts the events in the years the followed in his book Chile: Underside of an Economic Miracle. He joined NEWS NOW to talk about his experience after the coup.


INDEPENDENT ARTS AND CULTURE REPORT: Welcome to China Town is the second live album and one of over 20 releases from Vancouver punk band D.O.A. over the last 35 years.

Teaming up with Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, D.O.A. is hitting Ontario and Quebec with the True North Strong and Free Tour to promote the record.

In a tribute to D.O.A., Beau’s has brewed a special D.O.A. Hardcore 8.1 malt liquor that will be sold at all D.O.A. shows in Ontario. The band hits Toronto’s Hardluck on Saturday, October 11th.

Long time and founder of Sudden Death Record‘s Joe Keithly joined News Now’s Christian Deo over the phone to talk about the record, politics and the beer.

CLC President Hassan Yussuf Addresses the 2014 Aboriginal Workers and Workers of Colour Conference

FEATURE REPORT (Thursday, September 11th, 2014)The annual Aboriginal Workers and Workers of Colour Conference took place Saturday September 6th in Scarborough. The theme of the conference was diversity, and the day included a launch of the publication: Leaders Guide to Strengthen Unions – Moving Beyond Diversity toInclusion and Equity,” published by the Toronto & York Region Labour Council as well as a keynote address by Hassan Yussuf, the first person of colour to be elected as President of the Canadian Labour Congress. We have an excerpt of his address to share with News Now listeners today…


Thursday April 24th, 2014-Eileen Fischer, The Fair Elections Act and GRAN


York Connection Report: Fakiha Baig speaks with Schulich School of Business marketing Professor Eileen Fischer about her recently published study in the Consumer Research Journal. They discuss why markets are not supplied with more plus sized clothing when they are in such high demand. They also speak about an online movement called ‘fat-sionistas’ and what they are doing to conquer this problem. For for information please take a look at the Journal of Consumer Research for January of 2013.

Feature Report: News Nows Maggie Reid speaks with Professor Paul Thomas in Manitoba about the Fair Elections Act and what is not so fair about it. They discuss some of the problems with the governing party in Canada changing such fundamental aspects of our democratic process without having meaningful consultations with the electorate.

Independent Arts and Culture Report: Rosie Michel chats with Pat Evans, one of the co-chairs for the Grandmother’s AIDS Advocacy Network (GRAN) which advocates for policies changes in Canada that support an improved quality of life for grandmothers caring for child orphaned by AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. They discuss how this organization formed, why they chose to advocate for AIDS issues in the third world, their 2014/2015 action items and how they managed to accurately reflect their work on the needs of the African community. For more information please check out their website