Ali Ozcelik and Nima Nakhaei w/ Christan Deo

Christian Deo hosted a two hour special on Monday November 10th, where he spoke to 6th year Phd students Ali Ozcelik and Nima Nakhaei, both of whom are specializing in Middle Eastern politics. Ali’s focus is on Turkey, while Nima is focusing on Iran.


YUTSA Coffeeshop, ISIS & Islamophobia and TTCriders

YORK COMMUNITY REPORT: The York University Tamil Students Association (YUTSA) will begin holding monthly ‘coffee-shop’ style talks on Wednesday, October 8th. The talks are aimed at creating an engaged community surrounding the Tamil diaspora at York University. Roshni Raveenthiran of YUTSA joined us on the show to talk about the coffee-shop and its theme of “Tamil Women’s Uprising Day” and the idea of revolutionary women fighting against struggle.

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FEATURE REPORT: Dr Hatem Bazian is a professor at the University of California – Berkley and in an exclusive interview spoke to News Now’s Arshia Lakhani about his thoughts on the factors leading to the rise of ISIS, how islamophobia contributes to ISIS recruiting efforts and how many muslims word-wide are responding to the brutal rule of ISIS theocracy.

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SPECIAL REPORT: Brenda Thompson of and Scarborough Transit Action joined News Now’s Christian Deo (@chrisjdeo) on the program to discuss what the riders union believes is the best solution to solving Scarborough’s transit woes. She also addresses the transit plans of the top three mayoral candidates.


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ICE RIDE w/ Greenpeace, Experience the 1973 Chilean Coup & Joey Keithly of D.O.A.

YORK COMMUNITY REPORT: York University graduate and volunteer coordinator of Greenpeace Toronto Natalie Caine spoke to NEWS NOW about the potential dangers of oil exploration and extraction in the arctic. Greenpeace is organizing a worldwide ‘self-propelled wheeled’ ride on October 4th called the ICE RIDE.

Learn more about #savethearctic here and Greenpeace Canada

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FEATURE REPORT: Ovide Bastien moved to Chile in July 1973, two months before a CIA sponsored coup would murder the country’s then president Salvador Allende and overthrow his democratically elected Popular Unity government.

Bastien recounts the events in the years the followed in his book Chile: Underside of an Economic Miracle. He joined NEWS NOW to talk about his experience after the coup.


INDEPENDENT ARTS AND CULTURE REPORT: Welcome to China Town is the second live album and one of over 20 releases from Vancouver punk band D.O.A. over the last 35 years.

Teaming up with Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, D.O.A. is hitting Ontario and Quebec with the True North Strong and Free Tour to promote the record.

In a tribute to D.O.A., Beau’s has brewed a special D.O.A. Hardcore 8.1 malt liquor that will be sold at all D.O.A. shows in Ontario. The band hits Toronto’s Hardluck on Saturday, October 11th.

Long time and founder of Sudden Death Record‘s Joe Keithly joined News Now’s Christian Deo over the phone to talk about the record, politics and the beer.

James Laxer on Scottish Separatism and British Politics

With the Scottish Referendum around the corner and tides of nationalism rising on the many shores of Britain, many are wondering what the future of the island has in store. Many point to the legacy of neo-con Margaret Thatcher as the catalyst for an independent Scotland. Others argue that Scottish politics shout in the shadows of London at Westminster in the UK Parliament and the idea of independence was born out of political differences. Whatever the verdict of the Scottish people on September 18th, many believe Scotland won’t be the same.

Within the UK the debate is raging. PM David Cameron has threatened that if the Scots vote ‘Yes’ it will be ‘Forever.’

On the left, activists are divided about the meaning of Scottish Independence under the Scottish National Party, with some comparing it to the British National Party. As Billy Bragg noted in an Op-Ed he penned for, the two could not be farther apart.

You can find Billy Bragg’s article on Scottish Independence here : Scottish Nationalism and British Nationalism Aren’t The Same

James Laxer is a professor at York University in the Department of Equity studies and is the author of several books including A House Divided: Watching America’s Descent Into Civil Conflict and In Search of A New Left: Canadian Politics After the Neoconservative Assault. He joined News Now on September 17th to discuss Scottish independence and nationalism, the future of Britain and the global influence of this referendum on other separatist states such as Catalonia and Quebec.

Christian Deo has that report.