Palestine and the Arab Revolutions with James Clark

INDEPENDENT ARTS REPORT: The Toronto East International Socialists hosted a talk with James Clark and Sid Lacombe called Palestine and the Arab Revolutions on Saturday, September 13th in Toronto. Haseena Manek spoke with Clark about the event, organizers and some of the topics that would be broached during the event’s discussion.

Crown Holdings Strike Update

YORK COMMUNITY REPORT (Thursday, September 11, 2014): Not far from York University’s Keele campus is the United Steelworkers main office. Several months ago News Now visited the site to speak with union members about the year long strike that had passed through one of the worst winters in Toronto’s history. News Now’s Haseena Manek caught up with Local 9176 Staff Representative Lawrence Hay to learn about the ongoing strike which has continued through the summer and hit one year on September 8, 2014.

To learn more about the strike visit the 9176 Local’s website.



CLC President Hassan Yussuf Addresses the 2014 Aboriginal Workers and Workers of Colour Conference

FEATURE REPORT (Thursday, September 11th, 2014)The annual Aboriginal Workers and Workers of Colour Conference took place Saturday September 6th in Scarborough. The theme of the conference was diversity, and the day included a launch of the publication: Leaders Guide to Strengthen Unions – Moving Beyond Diversity toInclusion and Equity,” published by the Toronto & York Region Labour Council as well as a keynote address by Hassan Yussuf, the first person of colour to be elected as President of the Canadian Labour Congress. We have an excerpt of his address to share with News Now listeners today…


Thursday July 10th, 2014-Naani Thiyagarajah and Greenpeace

York Community Report: Haseena Manek and Dani Sinnatamby speak with Toronto based documentary maker, Naani Thiyagarajah about her documentary which explores the origins of Shadeism and how it has impacted communities.

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Feature Report: Dani Sinnatamby speaks with Keith Stewart of Greenpeace. They discuss how the changes in American policy on controlling emission amounts may affect Canadian environmental policy. For more information please visit their website at

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Thursday July 3rd, 2014-Urban Squash Toronto, Reclaim the Beautiful Game and the 2014 Asexuality Conference

York Community Report: Dani Sinnatamby speaks with Shivani Ruparell from Urban Squash Toronto. They discuss how squash has been shaping young lives in the Jane and Finch community through Urban Squash Toronto. For more information or to volunteer please visit their website at

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Feature Report: Haseena Manek and Dani Sinnatamby are join live with Holusam Silim of the Reclaim the Beautiful Game organizing collective. They discuss their efforts to engage with resistance to the corporatization of the World Cup.

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Independent Arts and Culture Report: One of the highlights of World Pride in Toronto was the 2014 Asexuality Conference. Haseena Manek speaks with Michael Dore of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network to discuss the conference.

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