Monday June 30, 2014 – Ghandeer Malek, Sarah Attia, and David Christopher

York Community Report: Fakiha Baig speaks with Palestinian feminist Ghandeer Malek, who also co-wrote the book Min Fami. Min Fami is an anthology of dialogues, narratives, essays, poetry, short stories, and visual art by Arab women. In this session, Fakiha and Chandeer discuss Arab feminism, gender issues in the global community, and what it means to be an Arab.

Download this interview here:

Feature Interview: Fakiha Baig speaks with Sarah Attia, the wife of Canadian detainee Khaled Al-Qazzaz. Khaled was an aide to former President Mohammed Morsi until Morsi’s eviction. Since, he has been held in the Tora prison in Cairo, Egypt for over a year, without a valid charge. Fakiha and Sarah discuss Khaled’s involvement with Egypt, his current situation, and what steps Sarah is taking towards his release.

Download this interview here:

Independent Arts & Culture: Daniel Rostas speaks with David Christopher of Open Media aims to help people discover how much of their personal information may have been shared with the government through their internet and cell phone providers.  They discuss the importance of privacy, how it may be breached, and Open Media’s new tool, Access My Info, which allows users to discover exactly what information may have been fed to our government illegally. To learn more about Open Media, and find the tool, Access My Info, please visit

Download this interview here:


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