Tuesday July 8th, 2014-Olivia Chow, Babbling Feminist and Hannah Dees

York COMMUNITY Report: News Now’s Haseena Manek speaks with Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow about the City of Toronto’s support of Pride Week and her own involvement and support of the Pride celebrations here in Toronto.

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Feature Report: Ashley Splawinski speaks with Christina Valenzuela of the feminist blog Babbling Feminists. They discuss Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” and the perpetuation of rape culture in the media. They also talk about how even songs with a catchy beat can still be problematic and even harmful. For more information please visit their blog at www.BabblingFeminist.tumblr.com

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Independent Arts and Culture Report: News Now’s Ashley Splawinski speaks with anti-capitalist, Pride attendee Hannah Dees about the increased corporatization of Pride and the harm that it causes the queer and trans community.

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Monday June 30, 2014 – Ghandeer Malek, Sarah Attia, and David Christopher

York Community Report: Fakiha Baig speaks with Palestinian feminist Ghandeer Malek, who also co-wrote the book Min Fami. Min Fami is an anthology of dialogues, narratives, essays, poetry, short stories, and visual art by Arab women. In this session, Fakiha and Chandeer discuss Arab feminism, gender issues in the global community, and what it means to be an Arab.

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Feature Interview: Fakiha Baig speaks with Sarah Attia, the wife of Canadian detainee Khaled Al-Qazzaz. Khaled was an aide to former President Mohammed Morsi until Morsi’s eviction. Since, he has been held in the Tora prison in Cairo, Egypt for over a year, without a valid charge. Fakiha and Sarah discuss Khaled’s involvement with Egypt, his current situation, and what steps Sarah is taking towards his release.

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Independent Arts & Culture: Daniel Rostas speaks with David Christopher of OpenMedia.ca. Open Media aims to help people discover how much of their personal information may have been shared with the government through their internet and cell phone providers.  They discuss the importance of privacy, how it may be breached, and Open Media’s new tool, Access My Info, which allows users to discover exactly what information may have been fed to our government illegally. To learn more about Open Media, and find the tool, Access My Info, please visit https://openmedia.ca/

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Monday June 23rd, 2014-YFS, Professor Kimberly Carter and the Tar Sands Healing Walk

York Community Report: News Nows Daniel Rostas speaks with Gayle McFadden who is the VP of Campaigns and Advocacy at the York Federation of Students. With Pride Week upon us, Daniel speaks to Gayle about the raising of the flag. In past years, the Rainbow flag has been raised in the York University bus loop. However this year TBLGAY, the LGBT advocacy group on campus, was informed by the York Centre for Human Rights that the flag would not be raised this year. Gayle talks about the situation and what is being done to fight it. For more information on this issue please visit TBLGAY on the Fourth floor of the student center at York University.

Feature Report: News Nows Fakiha Baig speaks with Kimberly Carter who is a Professor at the University of Toronto. They discuss the issue of rape and what makes rape a weapon of war. They also talk about the obstacles that the international community faces in regards to sentencing states and individuals who utilize systematic rape as a tactic of war.

Independent Arts and Culture Report: News Now correspondents Fakiha Baig and Daniel Rostas speak with Jesse Cardinal about the 5th annual Tar Sands Healing walk taking place on Turtle Island starting June 27th, 2014. They discuss what the walk is about, its history and the people who will be participating in the event. To find out more information or to get involved please visit their website http://www.healingwalk.org

International Women’s Day on CHRY 105.5

International Women’s Day Hour #1

In the first hour of International Woman’s day, Maxine hosts and talks about the history on western feminism and its gaps and critiques. She is joined in the Studio with Sharline, a collective member at the Centre for Women and Trans People. Aaliya, a person who works with SAIA and SASSL. Rachelle, an OPIRG board member and facilitator for the group: Queer and Trans Womyn Without Boarders and lastly Julianne, a YUBSA board member as well as a CWPT collective member. After that an interview with Cassidy Freelove, a spoken word artist and actress who speaks about body image representation and self esteem.

International Woman’s Day Hour #2

In the second hour of international Woman’s day, Darla Goodwin speaks about indigenous feminism. Then Hailee Ingelton speaks with Sherry-Ann Baker, a local spoken word artist and we listen to many different fem-con songs throughout the hour.

International Woman’s Day Hour #3

In the third hour of international Woman’s Day, Reina Gosset, a trans activist from the Silvia- Rivera Law Project speaks about prison abolition and the criminalization of trans woman of colour. After, Joan Ruza, a coordinator from Ritten House and a prison abolitionist speaks about transformative justice. Then we listen to trans activist Janet Mock speak about the prison industrial complex.

International Women’s Day Hour #4
In the last hour of International Woman’s Day, we listen to many different types of fem com music. Then Haseena Manek speaks with a woman named Cherri Don from the Philippine Woman’s Centre.

Thursday April 10th, 2014-Eileen Fischer, Betabrand and the Grandmother’s AIDS Advocacy Network

York Community Report: Fakiha Baig speaks with Schulich School of Business marketing Professor Eileen Fischer about her recently published study in the Consumer Research Journal. They discuss why markets are not supplied with more plus sized clothing when they are in such high demand. They also speak about an online movement and what they are doing to conquer this problem. For for information please take a look at the Journal of Consumer Research for January of 2013.

Feature Report:  Fakiha Baig speaks with Liz Rosoff who is the show runner for a clothing store in San Francisco called Betabrand. They discuss the stores marketing campaign to use women with PhD’s as their models instead of traditional model bodies that are often showcased in typical advertisements. For more information please visit http://www.betabrand.com

Independent Arts Report: Rosie Michel chats with Pat Evans, one of the co-chairs for the Grandmother’s AIDS Advocacy Network (GRAN) which advocates for policies changes in Canada that support an improved quality of life for grandmothers caring for child orphaned by AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. They discuss how this organization formed, why they chose to advocate for AIDS issues in the third world, their 2014/2015 action items and how they managed to accurately reflect their work on the needs of the African community. For more information please check out their website http://grandmothersadvocacy.org/