ICE RIDE w/ Greenpeace, Experience the 1973 Chilean Coup & Joey Keithly of D.O.A.

YORK COMMUNITY REPORT: York University graduate and volunteer coordinator of Greenpeace Toronto Natalie Caine spoke to NEWS NOW about the potential dangers of oil exploration and extraction in the arctic. Greenpeace is organizing a worldwide ‘self-propelled wheeled’ ride on October 4th called the ICE RIDE.

Learn more about #savethearctic here and Greenpeace Canada

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FEATURE REPORT: Ovide Bastien moved to Chile in July 1973, two months before a CIA sponsored coup would murder the country’s then president Salvador Allende and overthrow his democratically elected Popular Unity government.

Bastien recounts the events in the years the followed in his book Chile: Underside of an Economic Miracle. He joined NEWS NOW to talk about his experience after the coup.


INDEPENDENT ARTS AND CULTURE REPORT: Welcome to China Town is the second live album and one of over 20 releases from Vancouver punk band D.O.A. over the last 35 years.

Teaming up with Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, D.O.A. is hitting Ontario and Quebec with the True North Strong and Free Tour to promote the record.

In a tribute to D.O.A., Beau’s has brewed a special D.O.A. Hardcore 8.1 malt liquor that will be sold at all D.O.A. shows in Ontario. The band hits Toronto’s Hardluck on Saturday, October 11th.

Long time and founder of Sudden Death Record‘s Joe Keithly joined News Now’s Christian Deo over the phone to talk about the record, politics and the beer.

photo by julia deo

Beverly Fernandez on the risks of a Nuclear Dump in Kincardine Ontario

Earlier this month in Kincardine Ontario, a second round of public hearings were held to discuss a proposal by Ontario Power Generation to bury low and intermediate level nuclear waste one kilometer form the shores of Lake Huron.

The proposed Deep Geological Repository (GDR) would hold nuclear waste from Bruce Nuclear Power Station for approximately 100,000 years, the OPG claims.

The claims have concerned citizens and groups concerned about the potential contamination of Lake Huron and other great lakes with nuclear radiation.

Beverly Fernandez is a member of Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump, a group of concerned citizens who formed in an attempt to educate other citizens and ultimately prevent the repository from being constructed. The group has a petition with over 70,000 signatures on it. SIGN THE PETITION HERE

Fernandez highlights key global examples of other DGRs leaking and stresses the importance of keeping Lake Huron, a drinking source for millions, radiation free. She also notes that Americans in Michigan are also taking action against this DGR and are calling on legislation to prevent it from being constructed. More information on their actions can be found here

NEWS NOW’s Christian Deo has this report.


September 8, 2014 – Rouge National Urban Park & P3s on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT

YORK COMMUNITY REPORT: York Alumnus Anna Baggio of the about the politics behind Canada’s first urban national park in Scarborough – Rouge National Urban Park. The
group signed a joint press release last week supporting the Ontario government’s decision to stall the transfer of rouge park land to federal jurisdiction. The province is claiming the environmental standards set out for the park by Conservatives do not match those of Ontario – an original stipulation of the transfer agreement.

Christian Deo has that report

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FEATURE REPORT: We investigate the prospect of corporate ownership of the Eglinton Cross Town LRT currently under construction across Eglinton Avenue in Toronto. The province has opened the doors to applications for companies to enter what are called Public-Private-Partnerships, or P3s. Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 advisor Bill Reno talks about the potential risks and global examples of how the privatization of public transit can be disastrous for municipalities.

Christian Deo has that report

Keep the TTC Public part 1 – Truth About Transit


Wednesday August 13, 2014 – Protesting the Enbridge Line 9

Over the course of the past week a group of activists calling themselves DamLine9, occupied an Enbridge Line9 construction site in Innerkip, Ontario. A statement released on the group’s tumblr website claims that, ‘line 9 poses a danger to people animals, land and water,’ and that ‘those involved in this blockade intend to stop construction on the site indefinitely.” The occupation was eventually shut down as police arrested and charged 5 protestors. Lana Goldberg participated at the blockade as a member of DamLine9 and joined Christian Deo (@chrisjdeo) on News Now to talk about the actions, the pipeline and what comes next for pipeline activism in Canada. Tweet us at @dankellar with #DamLine9 #line9 or visit our Tumblr or Facebook.

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Wednesday July 23, 2014 – Israel-Palestine & World Pride, Mink Farming, and Simon Yohanness

Should political statements be acceptable in Toronto’s World Pride Parade? Dianne Moore, a member of the controversial group Queers Against Israeli Apatheid (QuAIA), thinks so. Moore joined Christian Deo on Wednesday to talk about this years World Pride event, the current crisis in Israel/Palestine and a video shot by York U Prof John Greyson called ‘The Disappearing Map.’ For more information on QuAIA, visit You can also tweet them at @QuaiaVoice and @QuaiaTO.

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On July 16th the Canadian Government announced through a press release it would be relaxing loan repayment dates by eight months for Canadian Mink Farmers as they respond to a dramatic shift in the world mink market”. This has animal rights groups wondering why a program that is usually reserved for agricultural farmers is being applied to fur farms. Mark Howie of Fur Bearer Defenders joined the NEWS NOW team live in studio to talk about the issues with the fur industry, animal rights and the importance of biodiversity. Christian Deo reports. Learn more at, or visit their twitter @FurBearers.

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Continuing our focus on spoken word artists in Toronto, Simon Yohanness otherwise known as Stretch, is the next artist to be featured on Hailee Ingelton’s Toronto Artist series. Stretch is a spoken word artist that has graced many stages in Toronto with his poetic flow and creative words. He spoke about his journey as an artist, his inspirations and kicked off his interview with a live performance in the CHRY studios. Tweet Stretch @StretchTO with #spokenwordwednesday and #torontoartist

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