Greenpeace Canada challenges Harper Government’s Anti Terrorism Act 2015 (Bill C-51)

Protests are being staged across Canada in opposition to the new federal anti-terror bill – the Anti Terrorism Act 2015 – that was proposed by the Harper government in January. One of the major areas of concern for critics is the expanded powers given to CSIS – the Canadian Security Intelligence Service – under this Act. Critics allege that these expanded powers will result in the infringement of several Canadian Charter rights and freedoms, including the censorship of free expression online. On March 12, 2015 Joanna Kerr and Keith Stewart from Greenpeace Canada were invited to appear before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to voice their concerns about Bill C-51.Trisha Reyes speaks with Keith about these concerns.

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The ongoing stigmatization and criminalization of mental illness in Canada

Dr. Gary Chaimowitz  is a forensic psychiatrist who works out of St. Joseph’s hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, where he heads the forensic psychiatry program. He also teaches at McMaster University within the same field. Ruby Ajilore speaks with Dr. Chaimowitz about the history of mental illness in Canada. They discuss the stigmatization and criminalization of people with mental illnesses and the types of social changes need to alter this status quo.

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Audre Lorde Theatre Festivals takes on dub poetry, womanist theory, and anti-o politics.

The Audre Lorde Theatre Festival, hosted by the Watah Theatre Institute showcases a variety of abstract artists grounded in dub poetry, womanist theory and overall anti-oppression. Tracy Griffiths spoke with the creative director, Dbi Young Anitaafrika earlier today about the significance of this festival to Toronto’s African communities.

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Bill C-51 Karl Nerenberg Interview

News Now’s Fakiha Baig continues her discussion on Bill C-51, the Anti Terrorism Act 2015, with Karl Nerenberg.  Karl has been a journalist and film maker for over 25 years, including eight years as the producer of the CBC Radio show The House. He’s currently the parliament correspondent for Very recently Karl published a new book titled Harper VS Canada: Five Ways of Looking at the Conservative Regime. Amongst several things today, Karl spoke to Fakiha about how the anti-terror bill does a poor job in targeting the issue of terrorism, why there is such a lack of scrutiny on this bill and breaks down how the proposal of a bill that infringes on Charter rights and freedoms is nothing new for the Harper government.
To learn more about Karl and his work, check out:
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BIll C-51 Riaz Interview

Bill C-51, the Anti Terrorism Act 2015 was proposed by the Harper government in January. Amongst several things, this bill suggests changes to Canadian law that will allow the Canadian Security Intelligence Service expanded powers to combat terrorist threats to Canada. What does this all mean? Riaz Sayani-Mulji is a University of Toronto law student and a member of the Canadian Peace Alliance. He joined News Now’s Fakiha Baig to speak about Bill C-51. As the Canadian government continues to rush through the drastic measures of this bill, Riaz breaks down some key components of this bill and raises excellent questions on whether or not this bill is effective in targeting the issue of terrorism.

Follow Riaz on Twitter: @RiazSayaniMulji​

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Justice For Bhopal

On December 3rd, 1984, in the middle of the night, thousands of people were gassed to death because of a catastrophic chemical leak at the Union Carbide, an American owned pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. More than 150,000 people were left severely disabled, and 22,000 people have since died of their injuries.  For these reasons the Bhopal gas disaster is widely acknowledged as the world’s worst industrial disaster. The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB) is a coalition of disaster survivors and environmental, social justice, progressive Indian, and human rights groups that have joined forces to hold the Indian Government and Dow Chemical Corporation accountable for the ongoing chemical disaster in Bhopal. Reena Shadaan works with ICJB and she joined News Now’s Fakiha Baig to speak further about the Bhopal disaster.

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Migrant Workers Deportation

Ruby Ajilore speaks with Tzazna Miranda Leal, an organizer with the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, about the mass deportation of Migrant Workers scheduled forApril 1st.

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CUPE March 17 Update

Tracy Griffiths caught up with some members of CUPE 3903 following a few incidents of aggression and confrontation from irate drivers trying to pass the Sentinel and Chimneystack picket lines. They discuss general safety on the picket lines as well as suggestions for​ the York Admin.

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The Ongoing Occupation of Haiti

Ruby Ajilore speaks with Kevin Edmonds, a PhD student, studying political science at the University of Toronto about MINUSTAH’s occupation of Haiti. Kevin is an organizer with the Campaign to End the Occupation of Haiti. He is also the author of a report titled “Keeping the peace or conspiring against it” which summarizes the human rights violations carried out by the United Nations MINUSTAH. He speaks definitely about occupation continues to persist in Haiti.

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The Potentials and Limits of International Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

John Dugard is a professor emeritus of international law at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. From 2001 to 2008 he was United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Palestine. Daniela Mastrocola spoke with him in honour of Israeli Apartheid Week. They discuss the human rights violations he witnessed during his time with the UN, his thoughts on a two-state solution, potential improvements based Palestine becoming a member of the ICC, and also his view on the Canadian state’s unwavering support for an aparthied and colonial occupation of Palestinian territories.

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Today For Change Interview Mark Paul

For today’s Feature Report, CHRY Reporter Maha  El Dirdiri speaks with Mark Paul from “Today for Change” about female genital mutilation in Africa and its implications here in Canada.

A word of caution to listeners. This interview deals with instances of sexual and gendered-based assault, as well as sexually explicit language.

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Evelyn Encalada

Evelyn Encalada is a York U professor in Work and Labour Studies and member of the Global Labour Research Centre, who explores issues of inequality among migrant workers. She is hosting a meeting called Retail action Working Group here at York tomorrow and has stopped by the studio to speak with us about this event.

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Little Black Afro Theatre Company

The Little Black Afro Theatre Company is a community of young emerging artists providing unique opportunities to present original Canadian work. This organization began in order to provide an opportunity for Luke Reece, Artistic Director and co-founder, to be able to showcase his plays that he wrote and directed himself. As they continued to put on his work, the theatre company realized every theatre student should have this opportunity. Their goal is provide every student in Toronto the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces. Luke Reece, the co-founder, joined News Now’s Fakiha Baig to talk about this company and the importance of community to their growth and development.

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Russ Baker On Torture

Several months have passed since the Senate Intelligence Committee released a 500 page summary report on the use of torture and interrogation by the The Central Intelligence Agency. Despite the extensive coverage it received when it first released, the media has been completely silent about a report that revealed to us some of the most horrific human rights violations we have ever seen. Investigative journalist Russ Baker joined joined News Now’s Fakiha Baig to speak about this silence, and also discussed with her how the Central Intelligence Agency has managed to use shocking forms of torture and interrogation without any accountability.

To learn more about Russ Baker, you can visit his website

To learn more about WhoWhatWhy, you can visit​

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Camilo Cahis on Mexico

The search for the 43 missing students of Mexico had ignited a mass political movement in the region. Now reported to have died after their abduction in September 2014, the missing students have reminded the world of the high rate of political and economic corruption present in the region. Camilo Cahis is the editor of Fightback magazine and Fightback looks to organize workers and youth across the country. As well, Camilo is the national co-ordinator for the Hands Off Venezuela campaign here in Canada. He joined News Now’s Fakiha Baig to discuss the mass movement ignited by the students. He also goes in depth about the role Canada plays in the region and how it has contributed to its corruption.​

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Alex Grant On Greece

With an unemployment rate of over 26% and with youth unemployment over 70%, with brutal austerity for the past seven years, it is not surprising for many that we have seen a process of mass radicalization in Greece and a movement towards Communist politics. News Now’s Fakiha Baig spoke with Alex Grant from Socialist Fightback Toronto about the election of the Syriza party in Greece. They discuss the rise of the Syriza party in Greece and the implications its radical leftist ideals will have on Europe and the rest of the world.

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Discussing the Hart House Production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” with Luke Brown

Director Luke Brown sits down with CHRY’s Izabella Sokolowska to discussing directing, the theatre and his current work with Hart House, where they are currently running a production of Jesus Christ Superstar. He talks about how the show came to be, it’s relationship with the occupy movement and how he sought to make the show fit a more contemporary audience.

Hart House’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar will run until January 31st.

Investigative journalist Russ Baker on Senate Intelligence Committee Torture Report

Over a month has passed since  the Senate Intelligence Committee released a 500 page summary report on the use of torture and interrogation by the the Central Intelligence Agency. Despite the extensive coverage it received when it first released, the media has been completely silent about a report that revealed to us some of the most horrific human rights violations we have ever seen. Investigative journalist Russ Baker joined News Now’s Fakiha Baig to speak about this silence, and also discussed with her how the Central Intelligence Agency has managed to use shocking forms of torture and interrogation without any accountability.

To learn more about Russ Baker and his work, you can visit his website:

To learn more about WhoWhatWhy, you can visit:

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Haseena Manek with Farrah Khan from Outburst

Listen to News Now’s Haseena Manek in an exclusive interview with Farrah Khan of Outburst! A Young Muslim Women’s Project which has recently launched a poetry workshop series. Muslim women in Toronto are breaking the silence and speaking out about violence. “Homebound” is a nine-session poetry, spoken word, and editing workshop series that will explore the theme “The Future We Build” organized by Outburst. For more information, go to:

Dr. Helen Lenskyi with News Now’s Fakiha Baig

Dr. Helen Lenskyi is a professor at the University of Toronto and joined our News Now’s Fakiha Baig in an interview to discuss the Pan Am Games taking place this summer 2015. Helen has been researching and organizing resistance for the Olympics and other sporting events. She also addresses the possible devastating impacts of the Pan Am Games in Toronto.

Tuesday August 19, 2014 – Jane and Finch, and Yonge Love

York Community Report: We spoke to Shenikqwa Phillip and Emanuela Bringi of York University Black Students Association about a slew of issues affecting people of colour in the York community as of late, from racist xenophobic posters at York U to immigration investigations masked as vehicle safety stops. Tweet us at @Info_Yubsa or @YUBSA436 or @jfaap with #janeandfinch #immigration #cdnpoli

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Feature Report: The face of Yonge street has undergone significant changes in the last 50 years. From taverns to recordshops to strip clubs to shopping centres the street has transformed with the changing attitudes of Torontonians. A new BIA initiative called ‘Yonge Love’ is trying to connect people to new developments on Yonge providing community consultations with BIA panels. Yonge Love’s executive director Mike Garner joins us at a quarter past the hour to discuss possible new changes to Yonge street for our feature report. To learn more, please visit or tweet us at @DowntownYonge with #yongelove 

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Wednesday August 13, 2014 – Protesting the Enbridge Line 9

Over the course of the past week a group of activists calling themselves DamLine9, occupied an Enbridge Line9 construction site in Innerkip, Ontario. A statement released on the group’s tumblr website claims that, ‘line 9 poses a danger to people animals, land and water,’ and that ‘those involved in this blockade intend to stop construction on the site indefinitely.” The occupation was eventually shut down as police arrested and charged 5 protestors. Lana Goldberg participated at the blockade as a member of DamLine9 and joined Christian Deo (@chrisjdeo) on News Now to talk about the actions, the pipeline and what comes next for pipeline activism in Canada. Tweet us at @dankellar with #DamLine9 #line9 or visit our Tumblr or Facebook.

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Monday August 11, 2014 – GTA Clinical Transformation Project

Fakiha Baig and Daniel Rostas speak with co-leaders of the GTA Clinic Transformation Project, Jack DeKlerk and Marjorie Hilley. Jack is the Director of legal Services at Neighourhood Legal Services and the chairperson of the Toronto Legal Clinics Management Group. Marjorie is the Executive Director of Flemingdon Community Legal Services. They discuss how the GTA Clinic Transformation Project began, its purpose, and most importantly, how merging 17 independent clinics into 3-5 clinics will affect low-income and local communities.

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 – Disorientation Week at York, and the Toronto Palestinian Film Festival

York Community Report: Frosh week, also known as Orientation week at colleges and universities across North America has become a right-of-passage for post-secondary students. The week has come to be associated with parties, pranks and even recently sexual assaults. OPIRG York however is trying to change the conversations had at Orientation week at York University. To learn more about Disorientation week Christian Deo sat down with Volunteer coordinator at OPIRG Victoria Barnett as well as Zora – the Special Events and Program Coordinator for the summer of 2014. To learn more about OPRIG, please visit or tweet at @OpirgYork

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Independent Arts Report: An outdoor screening of Laila’s Birthday is scheduled for this Friday, August 8th at Christie Pitts Park in Toronto by the Toronto Palestinian Film Festival. The screening comes to the public as TPFF gears up for their annual showings in September. NEWS NOWs Christian Deo spoke with TPFF spokeswoman Dania Majid about Palestinian film, the significance of the festival and the outdoor screening. For more on the Toronto Palestinian Film Festvial, please visit or tweet at @TPFF

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Monday August 4th, 2014 – Shadeism, Canada’s Detention Policy, The Izzat Project

York Community Report: News Now’s Dani Sinnatamby speaks to director and producer Naani Thiyagarajah of “Shadeism”, a documentary regarding skin colour discrimination. The term shadeism refers to the discrimination between lighter and darker skinned members of the same community. Targeted communities most often include people of African, Caribbean, and South Asian diasporas.

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Feature Report: Following our Monday’s Detainment Series, Fakiha Baig speaks with Mina Ramos of End Immigration Detention Network about Canada’s detention practices. Currently, Canada’s Immigration Detention Policy allows for indefinite incarceration of immigrants, amongst many other unjust and immoral detention practices. Fakiha and Mina discuss these practices and the United Nation’s call for a change in practice.

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Independent Arts Report: Farrah Khan from the Izzat Project speaks to News Now about her comic titled, “Heartbeats: The Izzat Project.” The comic tells a story of six young South Asian women in Toronto who use illustration, design, and writing to share taboo stories and subjects that are present in the community. They women discuss subjects such as honour and violence. Farrah tells us how her comic book can help us better understand the realities of South Asian women in Toronto.

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Wednesday, July 30th – Yves Engler on Israel-Palestine, and Magic Mike

Over the weekend a Pro-Israel rally got violent at Queenspark. The violence proves tempers are flaring even here in Canada, thousands of kilometers away from the conflict in Israel Palestine. Yves Engler was present at the rally and was quoted saying provocative statements in the Toronto Star.

Engler has joined us in the past to talk about his books, “The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy and the Ugly Canadian: Stephan Harper’s Foreign Policy.

He joined NEWS NOW live to talk about some of the issues permeating protests, his provocation directed towards and Israeli crowd and some of the talking points regarding pro-Israeli/pro-Palestinian views.

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Michael Penkul aka Magic Mike came to the CHRY studios to talk about an often overlooked form of performance art, magic.

Magic Mike started performing at the age of 4 and has since been developing his skills and learning new tricks. Currently performs at parties, weddings, corporate events and stage shows, living out his passion. He performed at The DOTs Toronto’s Best Kept Secret event in late June and joined Hailee Ingelton to discuss some of the tricks up his sleeve. Tweet Magic Mike at @Michaelpenkul with #magicmike #magic #spokenwordwednesdays

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Monday July 28, 2014 – PACT Cooking with La-Toya Fagon

Feature Report: Hailee Ingleton speaks with Toronto chef, La-Toya Fagon, who runs a program called PACT Cooking. PACT, also known as Participation Action Commitment and Transformation, is a Toronto organization that aims to help at-risk youth. La-Toya’s program helps youth by teaching them valuable life skills by providing accessible hands-on cooking classes. To learn more about PACT, please visit

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Wednesday July 23, 2014 – Israel-Palestine & World Pride, Mink Farming, and Simon Yohanness

Should political statements be acceptable in Toronto’s World Pride Parade? Dianne Moore, a member of the controversial group Queers Against Israeli Apatheid (QuAIA), thinks so. Moore joined Christian Deo on Wednesday to talk about this years World Pride event, the current crisis in Israel/Palestine and a video shot by York U Prof John Greyson called ‘The Disappearing Map.’ For more information on QuAIA, visit You can also tweet them at @QuaiaVoice and @QuaiaTO.

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On July 16th the Canadian Government announced through a press release it would be relaxing loan repayment dates by eight months for Canadian Mink Farmers as they respond to a dramatic shift in the world mink market”. This has animal rights groups wondering why a program that is usually reserved for agricultural farmers is being applied to fur farms. Mark Howie of Fur Bearer Defenders joined the NEWS NOW team live in studio to talk about the issues with the fur industry, animal rights and the importance of biodiversity. Christian Deo reports. Learn more at, or visit their twitter @FurBearers.

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Continuing our focus on spoken word artists in Toronto, Simon Yohanness otherwise known as Stretch, is the next artist to be featured on Hailee Ingelton’s Toronto Artist series. Stretch is a spoken word artist that has graced many stages in Toronto with his poetic flow and creative words. He spoke about his journey as an artist, his inspirations and kicked off his interview with a live performance in the CHRY studios. Tweet Stretch @StretchTO with #spokenwordwednesday and #torontoartist

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Monday July 21, 2014 – Rob Ford Controversy & Coming Back Into Our Bodies, Coming Back To The Earth

Fakiha Baig speaks with emeritus York professor, Robert Drummond, on politics and government. They specifically discuss the recent Rob Ford news, including the use of the city park for what appears as a campaign event, the shirtless jogger controversy, and the welcoming of his nephew Mikey Ford into municipal politics.

Download this interview here.

Fakiha Baig speaks with Amelia Meister about her recent workshop, titled “Coming Back To Our Bodies, Coming Back To Earth.” The workshop aims to help individuals connect with their bodies, so that they can better connect with the world around them. They discuss what it means to be present in one’s body, and its importance in becoming more effective activists, organizers, and community members.

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Wednesday July 16, 2014 – Save PMAA, J-Rich and DJ Da Senator

The Pallasades Music and Arts Academy based out of a side road at Jane and Finch was abruptly closed in April, 1 year before its scheduled end of funding. The PMAA was an outlet for local artists looking to pursue passions in rap and music and saw musicians from all across the community come together. N.T.K was one of the musicians who recorded at the PMAA and he joins us live in studio to talk about his experiences at the academy. To learn more, please visit and tweet at @itsnathantv with #savepmaa.

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Jamaican/Torontonian rapper J-Rich and DJ Da Senator stopped by in studio to talk about his music and what it takes to produce and promote yourself as an artist as an artist in the modern music industry. Christian Deo has that Independent Arts report. Tweet J-Rich at @JRichTO with #summerraver and #bigdreamer .

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CHRY Specialized Programming: Anti-Apartheid Frequencies

Anti-Apartheid Frequencies


CHRY 1055 presents Anti-Apartheid Frequencies, a six-hour specialized program that explores the many struggles against colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism in Palestine. Throughout this series, the News Now team explores various topics relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including:

  • Palestine 101
  • What is BDS?
  • The Academic Boycott
  • The Boycott of Sodastream
  • Pinkwashing
  • Jewish Voices Against Apartheid
  • Harper goes to Israel
  • Apartheid in Canada
  • Anti-Black Racism in Israel
  • Students Against Israeli Apartheid Divestment Campaign and Campus Repression at York University


In the first hour, the PrOPIRGanda  Collective discuss the history of Palestine, Apartheid and the BDS movement.

Download this session here


In the second hour,  Arshia Lakhani of Students Against Israeli Apartheid discusses the academic boycott and what their organization is doing on the York Campus. Then, Kat Lapoint of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid discusses the Sodastream Boycott.

Download this session here


In the third hour, Natalie Kouri-Towe of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid discusses pinkwashing. Then, Noa discusses Jewish Voices Against Apartheid.

In the fourth hour, Yves Engler speaks to the News Now Collective about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent trip to Israel.

Download this session here


In the fifth hour, The News Now Collective discusses Apartheid in Canada and its relationship to Israel. Next,  they speak to Kimalee Phillip regarding Anti-Black Racism in Israel.

Download this session here


In the final hour, News Now speaks with the Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) regarding their divestment campaign and campus repression.

Download this session here

Covered and Bound Volunteer Callout!


CHRY 105.5 is proud to announce its new re-vamped radio collective Covered and Bound that airs on Mondays from 4pm-5pm.

Are you interested in radio collectives that prioritize texts on social, political, and
environmental justice issues?  Are you excited at the prospect of
interviewing your favorite authors and spoken word artists? Do you want to know more about the literary community on the York Campus?

Join CHRY 105.5’s Covered and Bound Radio Collective!

Covered and Bound exists to create a connection between readers and writers, specifically within the York and surrounding community. Covered and Bound intentionally goes beyond literary reviews and seeks interviews with artists and authors in order to engage in in-depth discussions that create connections to larger socio-political issues.

Attached to this document is the Covered and Bound Toolkit along with the volunteer positions that are available.
If you would like to get involved please contact

Covered and bound Toolkit

Monday July 14, 2014 – Canada’s Role in the “War on Terror”

Feature Report : Continuing with our weekly detainment series, Fakiha Baig speaks with journalist Steven Zhou regarding Canada’s involvement in the “War on Terror.”  Since the declaration of war after 9/11, Canada has been fighting alongside the United States in Afghanistan. Steven speaks to News Now about Canada’s role in the issue, as well as the many cases of unlawful detainment in the States due to the war. To learn more about Steven Zhou’s work, please visit, or tweet him at @stevenzzhou

Download this interview here

Thursday July 10th, 2014-Naani Thiyagarajah and Greenpeace

York Community Report: Haseena Manek and Dani Sinnatamby speak with Toronto based documentary maker, Naani Thiyagarajah about her documentary which explores the origins of Shadeism and how it has impacted communities.

Download the York Connect Report

Feature Report: Dani Sinnatamby speaks with Keith Stewart of Greenpeace. They discuss how the changes in American policy on controlling emission amounts may affect Canadian environmental policy. For more information please visit their website at

Download the Feature Report 

Tuesday July 8th, 2014-Olivia Chow, Babbling Feminist and Hannah Dees

York COMMUNITY Report: News Now’s Haseena Manek speaks with Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow about the City of Toronto’s support of Pride Week and her own involvement and support of the Pride celebrations here in Toronto.

Download the York Connection Report

Feature Report: Ashley Splawinski speaks with Christina Valenzuela of the feminist blog Babbling Feminists. They discuss Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” and the perpetuation of rape culture in the media. They also talk about how even songs with a catchy beat can still be problematic and even harmful. For more information please visit their blog at

Download the Feature Report

Independent Arts and Culture Report: News Now’s Ashley Splawinski speaks with anti-capitalist, Pride attendee Hannah Dees about the increased corporatization of Pride and the harm that it causes the queer and trans community.

Download the Independent Arts and Culture Report 


Monday July 7, 2014 – Recruitment Abuse, Wrongful Detainment, and “Kitt and Jane”

York Community Report : Fakiha Baig speaks with Fay Faraday, author of a study called, “Profiting from the Precarious: How Recruitment Practices Exploit Migrant Workers.”  The study examines temporary foreign workers’ recruitment experiences and exposes disturbing evidence of patterns of recruitment abuse. The report also reveals inadequacies of existing legal models to protect low-wage migrant workers.  In this session, Fakiha and Fay discuss the study and how it helps to further understand the experiences of migrant workers. Access the study here:

Download the York Community Report

Feature Report: Following the new Detainment Series every Monday on News Now, Fakiha Baig speaks with Donald Pratt from the Justice for Hassan Diab committee. Hassan Diab was a Canadian sociology professor from Carleton University, who has been wrongfully accused by French authorities of being involved in a 1980 bombing near a synagogue in France. The French government has called for Hassan Diab to be extradited to France to face these allegations with flawed evidence. In this session, Fakiha and Donald discuss Hassan Diab’s case, as well as Canada’s unjust extradition law. To get involved, please visit

Download the Feature Report

Independent Arts & Culture: Daniel Rostas speaks with Ingrid Hansen, actress of stage play “Kitt and Jane: An Interactive Survival Guide to the Near-Post-Apocalypse Future.” In this piece, Ingrid and actor Rod Peter Junior, are two pre-teens who believe that the world is about to end, and decide to prepare for it. To learn more about this piece, please visit:

Download the Independent Arts & Culture Report

Thursday July 3rd, 2014-Urban Squash Toronto, Reclaim the Beautiful Game and the 2014 Asexuality Conference

York Community Report: Dani Sinnatamby speaks with Shivani Ruparell from Urban Squash Toronto. They discuss how squash has been shaping young lives in the Jane and Finch community through Urban Squash Toronto. For more information or to volunteer please visit their website at

Download the York Community Report

Feature Report: Haseena Manek and Dani Sinnatamby are join live with Holusam Silim of the Reclaim the Beautiful Game organizing collective. They discuss their efforts to engage with resistance to the corporatization of the World Cup.

Download the Feature Report

Independent Arts and Culture Report: One of the highlights of World Pride in Toronto was the 2014 Asexuality Conference. Haseena Manek speaks with Michael Dore of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network to discuss the conference.

Download the Independent Arts and Culture Report 




Wednesday July 2, 2014 – QueerStory, Energy East Pipeline, and Lola Bunz

York Community Report: Continuing our discussion about Toronto’s World Pride event this past weekend, we are joined by Michael Alstad, creative director of a new mobile app for cellphones and tablets called Queerstory. The app was released just this past week in conjunction with Toronto’s celebration of World Pride festival and highlights over 30 points of interest in the city using locative technology to take the user on a Queerstory walking tour. Visit to download the app and learn more.

Download this interview here:

Feature Interview: Of the many pipelines being proposed in Canada in the last few months and years, one that has managed to avoid the spotlight for some time has been TRANSCANADAs Energy East pipeline. The proposal was to reverse the flow of a natural gas pipeline to allow Alberta Tarsands bitumen to flow eastbound for ‘refinement and export in the east. Andrea Harden-Donahue, Energy and Climate justice campaigner at the Council for Canada’s joined Christian Deo on NEWS NOW to talk to us about this pipeline and what it will mean for communities and people in Canada.
For more information on the Pipeline visit:

Download this interview here:

Independent Arts & Culture: Today’s independent arts features a performance from Toronto’s very own spoken word and hip hop artist Lola Bunz. Lola has blessed many a stage in Toronto and joined Hailee Ingelton to share one of her own pieces and talk about her journey as an artist. Find tracks and info here!

Download this interview here:

Monday June 30, 2014 – Ghandeer Malek, Sarah Attia, and David Christopher

York Community Report: Fakiha Baig speaks with Palestinian feminist Ghandeer Malek, who also co-wrote the book Min Fami. Min Fami is an anthology of dialogues, narratives, essays, poetry, short stories, and visual art by Arab women. In this session, Fakiha and Chandeer discuss Arab feminism, gender issues in the global community, and what it means to be an Arab.

Download this interview here:

Feature Interview: Fakiha Baig speaks with Sarah Attia, the wife of Canadian detainee Khaled Al-Qazzaz. Khaled was an aide to former President Mohammed Morsi until Morsi’s eviction. Since, he has been held in the Tora prison in Cairo, Egypt for over a year, without a valid charge. Fakiha and Sarah discuss Khaled’s involvement with Egypt, his current situation, and what steps Sarah is taking towards his release.

Download this interview here:

Independent Arts & Culture: Daniel Rostas speaks with David Christopher of Open Media aims to help people discover how much of their personal information may have been shared with the government through their internet and cell phone providers.  They discuss the importance of privacy, how it may be breached, and Open Media’s new tool, Access My Info, which allows users to discover exactly what information may have been fed to our government illegally. To learn more about Open Media, and find the tool, Access My Info, please visit

Download this interview here:

Wednesday June 25th, 2014-Revolutionary Literature and Arts, BCCLA and Duane Hall

York Community Report: Christian Deo speaks with Mahir Mohagehg from the Revolutionary Literature and Arts group here at York about politics within the York student body. They discuss some of the campaigns they have and what they plan to do in the future.

Feature Report: Christian Deo speaks with Michael Vonn, the policy director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA). They discuss the lawsuit that the BCCLA is launching against the Communications Surveillance Establishment of Canada (CSEC) which comes in response to allegations of unwarranted surveillance against the Canadian public as highlighted in the Edward Snowden leaks. They talk about the CSEC and just how far their eyes can see. For more information or to take action please visit their website at

Independent Arts and Culture Report: Hailee Ingelton airs the first episode of her Toronto artist series featuring a heartfelt spoken-word performance from Duane Hall also known as Lighthouse poetic.

Tuesday June 24th, 2014-York International Socialists, Dr.Marcia Sirota and the Mosaic Documentary

York Community Report: Christian Deo speak with Gukirat Bratth, a senior member of the York International Socialists. They discuss exploitation and commercialization within the world of sports as well as the major problems with the FIFA World Cup.

Feature Report: Maggie Reid speaks with Dr.Marcia Sirota, founder of the Ruthless Compassion Institute. The Ruthless Compassion Institute provides unique insight into issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and seemingly unmanagable problems in their lives. Dr. Sirota provides unique insight into the root of some of these issues and ways to deal with them that stray from the more medicalized approaches that tend to be associated with psychiatry. For more information please visit their website at or send her an email at

Independent Arts and Culture Report: In light of Pride Week, News Now would like to highlight an independent artist that explores some of these issues including gender and sexuality in his documentary Mosaic. Ashley Splavinska speaks with Marcus about his documentary and the dialogue about community. What does it mean to have a gender? Who gets to decide what a gender is? His documentary explores these questions and more. Listen in to see how Marcus came up with the idea and if he got any answers to his questions. For more information please visit their website at

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Monday June 23rd, 2014-YFS, Professor Kimberly Carter and the Tar Sands Healing Walk

York Community Report: News Nows Daniel Rostas speaks with Gayle McFadden who is the VP of Campaigns and Advocacy at the York Federation of Students. With Pride Week upon us, Daniel speaks to Gayle about the raising of the flag. In past years, the Rainbow flag has been raised in the York University bus loop. However this year TBLGAY, the LGBT advocacy group on campus, was informed by the York Centre for Human Rights that the flag would not be raised this year. Gayle talks about the situation and what is being done to fight it. For more information on this issue please visit TBLGAY on the Fourth floor of the student center at York University.

Feature Report: News Nows Fakiha Baig speaks with Kimberly Carter who is a Professor at the University of Toronto. They discuss the issue of rape and what makes rape a weapon of war. They also talk about the obstacles that the international community faces in regards to sentencing states and individuals who utilize systematic rape as a tactic of war.

Independent Arts and Culture Report: News Now correspondents Fakiha Baig and Daniel Rostas speak with Jesse Cardinal about the 5th annual Tar Sands Healing walk taking place on Turtle Island starting June 27th, 2014. They discuss what the walk is about, its history and the people who will be participating in the event. To find out more information or to get involved please visit their website

Wednesday June 18th, 2014-York International Socialists, PACT and DJ Graemera

York Community Report: Hailee Ingelton and Christian Deo speak with Gukirat Bratth, a senior member of the York International Socialists. They discuss exploitation and commercialization within the world of sports as well as the major problems with the FIFA World Cup.

Feature Report: Hailee Ingelton speaks with Master Chef La-toya Fagon who is a part of the PACT program. This programs serves to empower and support youth through LifeSkills Community Service Programs. She talks about an initiative that trains troubled youth to become chefs. La-Toya herself teaches these youth how to cook.

Independent Arts and Culture Report: Christian Deo and Hailee Ingelton speak with DJ Graemera of Stolen Souls to talk about the art of spinning vinyl. They also discuss his show that follows News NOW on Wednesdays.

Monday June 2nd, 2014-YFS, Michael Geist and PIQUE Toronto


York Community Report: Daniel Rostas speaks with Gayle McFadden who is the VP Campaigns and Advocacy for the York Federation of Students. They talk about the upcoming election and Tim Hudak and the PC party’s plan to scrap the 30 per cent tuition rebate for post-secondary students in Ontario. To get more involved in the YFS or for more information check out

Feature Report: News Nows Daniel Rostas speaks with Michael Geist a professor at the university of ottawa about the issues surrounding net neutrality and what the implications are from the recent changes to Internet laws in the United States. For more information please visit

Independent Arts and Culture Report: Fakiha Baig speaks with Imad Elsheikh who is the creator of PIQUE Toronto. PIQUE is a project focusing on profiling 100 Toronto youths. The project plays with the idea of short attention spans by shooting 15 seconds or less of the artists showcasing their talents. To take a look at the video and learn more please visit

Social Media Coordinators for News Now

News Now is seeking 2 Social Media Coordinators! 

The position of News Now Social Media Coordinator will work with News Now Producers, Beat Directors, and Reporters, with the direction of the News & Spoken Word Coordinator, to increase News Now’s online accessibility and visibility in various social media and online-based outlets.

NEWS NOW is CHRY’s community news program with a critical perspective; live every Monday – Friday at 5-6pm broadcasting to the North Toronto region, the campus of York University and on the web. CHRY 105.5 FM is looking for critical and creative minds to join the only collective alternative news radio program in Toronto. We offer FREE broadcast skills training in: writing/voicing, interviewing, audio editing and sound design.

As an alternative news outlet, News Now works as a team to collectively share skills and tasks among ourselves. We are committed to challenging ourselves and analyzing our stories individually and at our weekly story meetings using a consensus-based decision making model. For more on News Now, visit

To apply to the available position: Email the News & Spoken Word Coordinator at with your desired position, a statement of interest, and your resume. Statement of interest should specifically address your interest in community media and the CHRY mission and mandate, which can be found at This internship requires 8 hours/week and is unpaid, but can be recognized as course credit or community work if appropriate.


CHRY 105.5FM is committed to diversity and equity. We strongly encourage applications form women; people of colour; members of racial and/or ethnic minorities; First Nations people; people with disabilities and lesbian, bisexual, gay, transsexual, transgendered, two-spirited and queer-identified people.

News Now Social media coordinator summer 2014

Thursday April 24th, 2014-Eileen Fischer, The Fair Elections Act and GRAN


York Connection Report: Fakiha Baig speaks with Schulich School of Business marketing Professor Eileen Fischer about her recently published study in the Consumer Research Journal. They discuss why markets are not supplied with more plus sized clothing when they are in such high demand. They also speak about an online movement called ‘fat-sionistas’ and what they are doing to conquer this problem. For for information please take a look at the Journal of Consumer Research for January of 2013.

Feature Report: News Nows Maggie Reid speaks with Professor Paul Thomas in Manitoba about the Fair Elections Act and what is not so fair about it. They discuss some of the problems with the governing party in Canada changing such fundamental aspects of our democratic process without having meaningful consultations with the electorate.

Independent Arts and Culture Report: Rosie Michel chats with Pat Evans, one of the co-chairs for the Grandmother’s AIDS Advocacy Network (GRAN) which advocates for policies changes in Canada that support an improved quality of life for grandmothers caring for child orphaned by AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. They discuss how this organization formed, why they chose to advocate for AIDS issues in the third world, their 2014/2015 action items and how they managed to accurately reflect their work on the needs of the African community. For more information please check out their website


Thursday April 17th, 2014-Professor Joel Lexchin, CACTUS and House Hippo Press

York Community Report: News Now’s Fakiha Baig speaks with York University Professor Joel Lexchin about the lack of transparency in Health Canada’s drug approval policy. Without such transparency, doctors face several difficulties in prescribing the right medications to their patients. Professor Lexchin details the drug approval policy as it exists and argues that it is Health Canada’s responsibility to take responsibility and make a difference. To read the Journal please visit

Feature Report: Maggie Reid brings you some coverage from an event she attended through the ACTIVATE TO series. Catherine Edwards of CACTUS or the Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations gave an important talk about the state of community television in Canada, the policies surrounding community television and the function it is supposed to serve in bringing democracy to media production.

Independent Arts and Culture Report:  Rosie Michel chats with Erica Lenti and Sofie Mikhaylova who are the co-founders of the Toronto Queer-focused Printing Press, House Hippo Press. They discuss the birth of the project, the significance of small printing houses and the importance of Queer voices speaking for themselves. For more information please visit their website at


Tamil Struggle Interview with Nedra Rodrigo

News Nows Arshia Lakhani spoke with Nedra Rodrigo, an activist, artist and  phD student at York University. They spoke about the ongoing genocide against the Tamil community in Sri Lanka, the effects of displacement on their community, as well as an upcoming panel from May 1st to the 2nd  with academics, artists, and performers from the Tamil community. You’ll also hear a spoken word piece by Gowri Koneswaran, who will performing at the Tamil Studies Symposium. Let’s listen to that interview.

For more information on that panel you can visit Tamil Studies at York University on Facebook: