YorkU Professor Stephen Brooke talks about the royal family

Monday, June 22nd edition: 

York Connect: News Now‘s Matt Prokopiw speaks with York University professor Stephen Brooke about the royal family.

Feature Interview: Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae spoke with Sandra Elia, the founder and owner of Liberty & Love Coaching. [Repeat]

Independent Arts Report: Hailee Ingleton’s interview with spoken word artist Cassidy Freelove. [Repeat]


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News Now – Tuesday May 14th Edition

York Connection report: Joanna Beaton sat down for a follow-up interview with Sing Lung Wong, a member of the Krishna Club here at York University. Joanna speaks with Sing Lung to discuss their special event and guest speaker.

People’s History: Joanna Beaton looks back to the city of Philadelphia in 1985, where the Philadelphia police department dropped a bomb from a helicopter on the organization known as MOVE. Comprised solely of African Americans who practiced a different, radical way of life than. Joanna Beaton has the second part of our two day series on the MOVE bombing on May 13th, 1985.

Feature Interview: Saturday, May 18th is the season opening for one of the most controversial attractions in Ontario: Marineland. Marineland has a notorious reputation for mistreating and abusing the attractions’ animals. We are joined by Dylan Powell, member of Marineland Animal Defense.

Indepedent Arts Report: Christian Deo speaks over the phone with Québécois filmmaker Moise Marcoux-Chabot about a new film he produced called Around the Kettle. The film examines Montreal police responses to protests in the city and was inspired by the G20 protests that took place in Toronto in 2010.

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News Now – Tuesday, May 7th Edition

On the Tuesday, May 7th edition of News Now:

York Connection – GLSA’s 2013 Osgoode Forum [01:49]

Meghan MacRae speaks with Terrine and Ali from the Graduate Law Students Association to discuss their upcoming 2013 Osgoode Forum “Law, Culture, Critique”. An annual conference open to the community held at Ryerson’s Oakham House. Listen to find out more details about the event.

People’s History – Tobacco’s Relationship within North American Culture [09:16]

Joanna Beaton reflects on a long history of Tobacco’s relationship and it’s transformation from friend to foe.

Feature Interview – Economics and Conditions of Sweatshops [15:12]

News Now’s Christian Deo has an in-depth discussion with York University professor Darryl Reed. He discusses the sweatshops in developing countries and the growing death toll after the factory collapse in Bangladesh. Are you familiar with companies involved? You might be surprised about the Canadian connection.

Feature- Feminist Porn Awards 2013

News Now’s Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae sit down with the creative director of the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards, Carlyle Jansen. Carlyle is also the owner of Good For Her, a sex store located in Toronto. The interview discusses what feminist porn is, and how the industry is progressively changing.

For more information check out:


-Meghan MacRae

People’s History- 1989 March for Women’s Lives in Support of Abortion Rights

News Now’s Joanna Beaton highlights the 1989 March for Women’s Lives in support of abortion rights. It was the nation`s largest abortion-rights rally to date and one of the largest ever held in Washington. Estimated by U.S. Park Police at 500,000 and by organizers at 700,000, the crowd filled the 10-block stretch of grass from the Capitol to the Washington Monument. The march has only continued its success in the years to follow.

-Meghan MacRae