photo by julia deo

Beverly Fernandez on the risks of a Nuclear Dump in Kincardine Ontario

Earlier this month in Kincardine Ontario, a second round of public hearings were held to discuss a proposal by Ontario Power Generation to bury low and intermediate level nuclear waste one kilometer form the shores of Lake Huron.

The proposed Deep Geological Repository (GDR) would hold nuclear waste from Bruce Nuclear Power Station for approximately 100,000 years, the OPG claims.

The claims have concerned citizens and groups concerned about the potential contamination of Lake Huron and other great lakes with nuclear radiation.

Beverly Fernandez is a member of Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump, a group of concerned citizens who formed in an attempt to educate other citizens and ultimately prevent the repository from being constructed. The group has a petition with over 70,000 signatures on it. SIGN THE PETITION HERE

Fernandez highlights key global examples of other DGRs leaking and stresses the importance of keeping Lake Huron, a drinking source for millions, radiation free. She also notes that Americans in Michigan are also taking action against this DGR and are calling on legislation to prevent it from being constructed. More information on their actions can be found here

NEWS NOW’s Christian Deo has this report.