Fakiha Baig speaks to Toronto-based rapper Omari Parsons

Independent Arts Report: Listen now to New Now’s Fakiha Baig’s exclusive interview with Omari Parsons, an underground rapper from Toronto known for his diverse array of witty and intelligent lyrics.

Twitter: @FakihaBaig @NewBreedMC


Dr. Helen Lenskyi with News Now’s Fakiha Baig

Dr. Helen Lenskyi is a professor at the University of Toronto and joined our News Now’s Fakiha Baig in an interview to discuss the Pan Am Games taking place this summer 2015. Helen has been researching and organizing resistance for the Olympics and other sporting events. She also addresses the possible devastating impacts of the Pan Am Games in Toronto.

Ayyaz Mallick on Pakistani Political Unrest


It’s been over a month since opposition leaders in Pakistan and supporters started protesting in the streets of Pakistan demanding the resignation of current Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and new elections. Protesters have so far rallied their way through the gates of the parliament house in Islamabad Pakistan, they’ve face tear gas and rubber bullets. As of September 10th, three protesters have been killed and hundreds injured.

Fakiha Baig spoke with York University PhD student Ayyazz Mallick about the state of politics in Pakistan.

Islamophobia, AroarA, & the Barbra Schlifer Clinic

Thursday December 12th:

York Community Report:  Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae sit down with Amanda from the Barbra Schlifer Clinic. The BSC provides personal and legal aid to marginalized and underrepresented communities. They talk to her about the clinic’s Art Aesthetic. Learn more at: http://schliferclinic.com/

Feature Report: Fakiha Baig speaks with U of T law professor Mohammad Fadel about Islamophobia and the manufacturing of distrust for Muslim people by the mainstream media, as well as representatives from the Muslim Students Association at York. Contact them at: msa@yorku.ca

Independent Arts Report: Maggie Reid speaks with Andrew Whiteman of the Montreal based musical duo, AroarA, who talks about his new album ‘In the Pines’, the inspiration for the album, and how this new musical project compares to his experiences with Broken Social Scene and Apostle of Hustle. Hear more at: http://www.aroara.com


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