International Women’s Day on CHRY 105.5

International Women’s Day Hour #1

In the first hour of International Woman’s day, Maxine hosts and talks about the history on western feminism and its gaps and critiques. She is joined in the Studio with Sharline, a collective member at the Centre for Women and Trans People. Aaliya, a person who works with SAIA and SASSL. Rachelle, an OPIRG board member and facilitator for the group: Queer and Trans Womyn Without Boarders and lastly Julianne, a YUBSA board member as well as a CWPT collective member. After that an interview with Cassidy Freelove, a spoken word artist and actress who speaks about body image representation and self esteem.

International Woman’s Day Hour #2

In the second hour of international Woman’s day, Darla Goodwin speaks about indigenous feminism. Then Hailee Ingelton speaks with Sherry-Ann Baker, a local spoken word artist and we listen to many different fem-con songs throughout the hour.

International Woman’s Day Hour #3

In the third hour of international Woman’s Day, Reina Gosset, a trans activist from the Silvia- Rivera Law Project speaks about prison abolition and the criminalization of trans woman of colour. After, Joan Ruza, a coordinator from Ritten House and a prison abolitionist speaks about transformative justice. Then we listen to trans activist Janet Mock speak about the prison industrial complex.

International Women’s Day Hour #4
In the last hour of International Woman’s Day, we listen to many different types of fem com music. Then Haseena Manek speaks with a woman named Cherri Don from the Philippine Woman’s Centre.


Tuesday April 15th, 2014-Decolonizing Anti-Racism, YUBSA and Three Colours and a Canvas

York Community Report: Leana Lattanzio speaks with Sara Rodrigues who is one of the organizers of the event called Decolonizing Anti-Racism. They discuss the event and the Strategies of Critique organization. The Decolonizing Anti-Racism event happened at York University from April 14th-15th. For more information please take a look at

Feature Report: Leana Lattanzio and Haseena Manek are joined live in studio with Emanuela Bringi and Shanequa Phillips of the York United Black Students Alliance. They discuss racial profiling and carding of black students on campus with the recent increase of police presence on the York campus following the shooting. For more information follow them on Twitter @YUBSA436 or visit their office on the 4th floor of the student center at York University in room 436.

Independent Arts and Culture Report: Hailee Ingleton spoke with Ritika Anand who is the producer of the film Three Colours and a Canvas. They talk about her film and her work as part of her ongoing Toronto artist series. To get more information please visit