Wednesday, July 30th – Yves Engler on Israel-Palestine, and Magic Mike

Over the weekend a Pro-Israel rally got violent at Queenspark. The violence proves tempers are flaring even here in Canada, thousands of kilometers away from the conflict in Israel Palestine. Yves Engler was present at the rally and was quoted saying provocative statements in the Toronto Star.

Engler has joined us in the past to talk about his books, “The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy and the Ugly Canadian: Stephan Harper’s Foreign Policy.

He joined NEWS NOW live to talk about some of the issues permeating protests, his provocation directed towards and Israeli crowd and some of the talking points regarding pro-Israeli/pro-Palestinian views.

Download this interview here.


Michael Penkul aka Magic Mike came to the CHRY studios to talk about an often overlooked form of performance art, magic.

Magic Mike started performing at the age of 4 and has since been developing his skills and learning new tricks. Currently performs at parties, weddings, corporate events and stage shows, living out his passion. He performed at The DOTs Toronto’s Best Kept Secret event in late June and joined Hailee Ingelton to discuss some of the tricks up his sleeve. Tweet Magic Mike at @Michaelpenkul with #magicmike #magic #spokenwordwednesdays

Download this interview here.