Wednesday July 23, 2014 – Israel-Palestine & World Pride, Mink Farming, and Simon Yohanness

Should political statements be acceptable in Toronto’s World Pride Parade? Dianne Moore, a member of the controversial group Queers Against Israeli Apatheid (QuAIA), thinks so. Moore joined Christian Deo on Wednesday to talk about this years World Pride event, the current crisis in Israel/Palestine and a video shot by York U Prof John Greyson called ‘The Disappearing Map.’ For more information on QuAIA, visit You can also tweet them at @QuaiaVoice and @QuaiaTO.

Download this interview here.


On July 16th the Canadian Government announced through a press release it would be relaxing loan repayment dates by eight months for Canadian Mink Farmers as they respond to a dramatic shift in the world mink market”. This has animal rights groups wondering why a program that is usually reserved for agricultural farmers is being applied to fur farms. Mark Howie of Fur Bearer Defenders joined the NEWS NOW team live in studio to talk about the issues with the fur industry, animal rights and the importance of biodiversity. Christian Deo reports. Learn more at, or visit their twitter @FurBearers.

Download this interview here.


Continuing our focus on spoken word artists in Toronto, Simon Yohanness otherwise known as Stretch, is the next artist to be featured on Hailee Ingelton’s Toronto Artist series. Stretch is a spoken word artist that has graced many stages in Toronto with his poetic flow and creative words. He spoke about his journey as an artist, his inspirations and kicked off his interview with a live performance in the CHRY studios. Tweet Stretch @StretchTO with #spokenwordwednesday and #torontoartist

Download this interview here.



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