Wednesday July 16, 2014 – Save PMAA, J-Rich and DJ Da Senator

The Pallasades Music and Arts Academy based out of a side road at Jane and Finch was abruptly closed in April, 1 year before its scheduled end of funding. The PMAA was an outlet for local artists looking to pursue passions in rap and music and saw musicians from all across the community come together. N.T.K was one of the musicians who recorded at the PMAA and he joins us live in studio to talk about his experiences at the academy. To learn more, please visit and tweet at @itsnathantv with #savepmaa.

Download this interview here.


Jamaican/Torontonian rapper J-Rich and DJ Da Senator stopped by in studio to talk about his music and what it takes to produce and promote yourself as an artist as an artist in the modern music industry. Christian Deo has that Independent Arts report. Tweet J-Rich at @JRichTO with #summerraver and #bigdreamer .

Download this interview here.


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