CHRY Specialized Programming: Anti-Apartheid Frequencies

Anti-Apartheid Frequencies


CHRY 1055 presents Anti-Apartheid Frequencies, a six-hour specialized program that explores the many struggles against colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism in Palestine. Throughout this series, the News Now team explores various topics relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including:

  • Palestine 101
  • What is BDS?
  • The Academic Boycott
  • The Boycott of Sodastream
  • Pinkwashing
  • Jewish Voices Against Apartheid
  • Harper goes to Israel
  • Apartheid in Canada
  • Anti-Black Racism in Israel
  • Students Against Israeli Apartheid Divestment Campaign and Campus Repression at York University


In the first hour, the PrOPIRGanda  Collective discuss the history of Palestine, Apartheid and the BDS movement.

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In the second hour,  Arshia Lakhani of Students Against Israeli Apartheid discusses the academic boycott and what their organization is doing on the York Campus. Then, Kat Lapoint of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid discusses the Sodastream Boycott.

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In the third hour, Natalie Kouri-Towe of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid discusses pinkwashing. Then, Noa discusses Jewish Voices Against Apartheid.

In the fourth hour, Yves Engler speaks to the News Now Collective about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent trip to Israel.

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In the fifth hour, The News Now Collective discusses Apartheid in Canada and its relationship to Israel. Next,  they speak to Kimalee Phillip regarding Anti-Black Racism in Israel.

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In the final hour, News Now speaks with the Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) regarding their divestment campaign and campus repression.

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