Thursday July 3rd, 2014-Urban Squash Toronto, Reclaim the Beautiful Game and the 2014 Asexuality Conference

York Community Report: Dani Sinnatamby speaks with Shivani Ruparell from Urban Squash Toronto. They discuss how squash has been shaping young lives in the Jane and Finch community through Urban Squash Toronto. For more information or to volunteer please visit their website at

Download the York Community Report

Feature Report: Haseena Manek and Dani Sinnatamby are join live with Holusam Silim of the Reclaim the Beautiful Game organizing collective. They discuss their efforts to engage with resistance to the corporatization of the World Cup.

Download the Feature Report

Independent Arts and Culture Report: One of the highlights of World Pride in Toronto was the 2014 Asexuality Conference. Haseena Manek speaks with Michael Dore of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network to discuss the conference.

Download the Independent Arts and Culture Report 





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