Monday June 23rd, 2014-YFS, Professor Kimberly Carter and the Tar Sands Healing Walk

York Community Report: News Nows Daniel Rostas speaks with Gayle McFadden who is the VP of Campaigns and Advocacy at the York Federation of Students. With Pride Week upon us, Daniel speaks to Gayle about the raising of the flag. In past years, the Rainbow flag has been raised in the York University bus loop. However this year TBLGAY, the LGBT advocacy group on campus, was informed by the York Centre for Human Rights that the flag would not be raised this year. Gayle talks about the situation and what is being done to fight it. For more information on this issue please visit TBLGAY on the Fourth floor of the student center at York University.

Feature Report: News Nows Fakiha Baig speaks with Kimberly Carter who is a Professor at the University of Toronto. They discuss the issue of rape and what makes rape a weapon of war. They also talk about the obstacles that the international community faces in regards to sentencing states and individuals who utilize systematic rape as a tactic of war.

Independent Arts and Culture Report: News Now correspondents Fakiha Baig and Daniel Rostas speak with Jesse Cardinal about the 5th annual Tar Sands Healing walk taking place on Turtle Island starting June 27th, 2014. They discuss what the walk is about, its history and the people who will be participating in the event. To find out more information or to get involved please visit their website


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