Thursday April 17th, 2014-Professor Joel Lexchin, CACTUS and House Hippo Press

York Community Report: News Now’s Fakiha Baig speaks with York University Professor Joel Lexchin about the lack of transparency in Health Canada’s drug approval policy. Without such transparency, doctors face several difficulties in prescribing the right medications to their patients. Professor Lexchin details the drug approval policy as it exists and argues that it is Health Canada’s responsibility to take responsibility and make a difference. To read the Journal please visit

Feature Report: Maggie Reid brings you some coverage from an event she attended through the ACTIVATE TO series. Catherine Edwards of CACTUS or the Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations gave an important talk about the state of community television in Canada, the policies surrounding community television and the function it is supposed to serve in bringing democracy to media production.

Independent Arts and Culture Report:  Rosie Michel chats with Erica Lenti and Sofie Mikhaylova who are the co-founders of the Toronto Queer-focused Printing Press, House Hippo Press. They discuss the birth of the project, the significance of small printing houses and the importance of Queer voices speaking for themselves. For more information please visit their website at



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