Thursday March 27th, 2014-CCPA, Maggie’s Toronto and the White Square Campaign

York Community Report: Maggie Reid speaks with David Macdonald, Senior Economist for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, about the alternative federal budget released by the CCPA last month. They discuss some important issues that are not being addressed in the conservative federal budget including the growing income gap, gender inequality, defense spending and tax loopholes to name a few. For more information please visit their website at

Feature Report: News Nows Rosie Michel speaks with Chanel Gallant who is a spokesperson for Maggie’s Toronto from the Sex Workers Action Project. They speak about the spike in police violence against sex workers since the Bedford case decision. For more information please visit

Independent Arts and Culture Report: Fakhia Baig speaks with Concordia University professor Mary Anne Poutanen to discuss the White Square Campaign and the current situation in Quebec. They specifically talk about the controversial proposed legislation that seeks to establish the neutrality of the state and to ban conspicuous religious symbols.


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