Thursday March 20th, 2014-YUBSA, Dak de Kerckhove and Professor Laurie Petrou

York Community Report: Rosie Michel speaks with Kemba King, facilitator and storyteller for the York University Black Students Alliance (YUBSA), about their weekly workshop called Beautiful We. They discuss what Kemba hopes people will take away from the workshop series and why it is important to critically confront body image issues and body shaming particularly for women of colour. For more information please visit or email Kemba King at

Feature Report: News Now’s Maggie Reid speaks with Dak de Kerckhove who is a spatial ecologist, fisheries biologist and doctoral student at the University of Toronto. They discuss science policy and scientific research under the conservative government in Canada and what has been termed ‘Harper’s War on Science.’

Independent Arts and Culture Report: News Now correspondent Fakiha Baig speaks with Ryerson University Professor Laurie Petrou about ‘Boys will be Boys’ which is her project that explores gender stereotypes. She talks about the sometimes inflexible means by which we often see the world, particularly with respects to gender. For more information please visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @lauriepetrou


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