Tuesday March 18th, 2014-The Real Sun, Alex Abramovich and FORCE

York Community Report: Haseena Manek speaks with The Real Sun, who is an artist, educator, community builder and activist from the Jane and Finch community. They talk about the program titled Lights, Sound ACCESS. They also discuss the ongoing community initiatives that people can be a part of and the work that they do. For more information contact sun@therealsun.com

Feature Report: PhD candidate Alex Abramovich has been investigating the experience of homeless LGBTQ youth in Canada and in the Canadian shelter system. He recently presented his thesis at the Ontario Institute of Studies and Education which News Now correspondents Haseena Manek, Leana Lattanzio and Meghan MacRae had the pleasure of attending. Listen in to his presentation! To find out more about his work please visit http://www.ilona6.com or tweet him at @ialexabramovich

Independent Arts and Culture Report: As part of the month long series on the problems and pervasiveness of rape culture, News Now talks with Hannah from FORCE rape culture which is an artistic collective that aims to interrogate rape culture through their activism. To learn more about FORCE you can visit their website at http://upsettingrapeculture.com


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