February 26th, 2014 – People’s Social Forum, Idyllic, Tomee Sojourner

For years the World Social Forum has acted as a counter meeting to the World Economic Forum, a meeting of the worlds most powerful elites. Canadian activists are organizing a similar meeting this summer during August in Ottawa called the People’s Social Forum. Darius Marshahi of the organizing collective spoke to us about the upcoming event.


Hailee Ingelton continued her series on under the radar, upcoming and well-known artists in Toronto. Today featured Dylan Vannitamby, a local rapper who goes by the name of “Idyllic”. Dylan has aspirations to grow to higher heights with his music and starts the interview off with a live performance. Two weeks ago the Black Law Students Association held an event at the Osgoode Law school here at York featuring a panel of voices with wide variety and insight. Some of the guests included Jim Rankin from the Toronto Star, Dr. Monyunzwe Hamalangwe the lawyer representing victims of racial profiling at the hands of the Toronto and Ontario police forces and Tome Sojourner, a management consultant based out of Toronto. AND Tome Sojourner joins us now on NEWS NOW for our York connection report to talk about some of her experiences.


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