Tuesday February 25, 2014-David Lepofsky, No One Is Illegal and George Elliot Clarke

Tune in for the Tuesday February 25, 2014 show with your hosts Leana Lattanzio and Haseena Manek!

York Community Report: David Lepofsky is the chair of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act Alliance. He gave his final lecture in his series of Accessibility Advocacy at York University on February 14th. News Now airs his lecture about removing existing barriers to accessibility and presenting the creation of new barriers. They focus on what challenges the disability community are facing and what the priorities are for action. If you would like more information follow @AODAalliance on twitter and email them to learn how you can get involved at AODAfeedback@gmail.com

Feature Report: News Now contributor Haseena Manek speaks with Karla Lottini of the Vancouver chapter of No One Is Illegal on the state of border detention in Canada and the death of migrant Lucia Vega Jiminez. For more information please visit http://nooneisillegal.org

Independent Arts and Culture Report: For African Liberation Month, News Now correspondent Rosie Michel speaks with George Elliot Clarke who is the fourth and current Poet Laureate of Toronto. They talk about how his work intersects with African Liberation Month, the term he coined as Africadian and what he hopes to achieve during the remainder of his term.


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