Thursday February 20th-Mackenzie House, Cop Watch Toronto and the Grandmother’s AIDS Advocacy Network

York Community Report: Maggie Reid speaks with program officer Danielle Urquhart from Mackenzie House. They discuss Mary Ann Shadd Cary who is the first black woman to publish a newspaper in Canada. Mackenzie House is honouring Black History Month and Mary Ann Shadd Cary over the month of February by allowing visitors to print one of her newspapers off of an old printing press. Mackenzie House is open from 12pm-5pm saturday and sunday. For more information please visit their Facebook page:

Feature Report: Rosie Michel speaks with professional app developer Darren Baptiste about his new app for iPhone called Cop Watch Toronto. This app allows people to quickly upload videos about police-citizen interactions. He talks about the realities of why an app like this is, in his opinion, necessary. They discuss the abuse of police authority and violence in Toronto and how the media helps to propel stereotypes and sensationalize fatalities. To find out more information check out their website at or to check out the app search Toronto Cop Watch in the App Store.

Independent Arts and Culture Report: Rosie Michel speaks with Pat Evans, one of the co-chairs for the Grandmother’s AIDS Advocacy Network (GRAN) which advocates for policies changes in Canada that support an improved quality of life for grandmothers caring for child orphaned by AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. They discuss how this organization formed, why they chose to advocate for AIDS issues in the third world, their 2014/2015 action items and how they managed to accurately reflect their work on the needs of the African community. For more information please check out their website


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