February 3, 2014 – UNDERside, Trey Anthony, Heir.

YORK COMMUNITY REPORT: In today’s York Community Report, our own Fakiha Baig sits down with Ashley Sing – The Art Director from the UNDERside Collective which is a web series aimed to explore issues pertaining to privilege in society. For more information on Ashley Sing and the UNDERside make sure you like them on Facebook!

FEATURE REPORT: In today’s feature report as part of our African Liberation Month programming, News Now’s Casandra London sits down to talk with Trey Anthony. You may know her from the prime time Canadian show Da Kink in my Hair.

INDEPENDENT ARTS AND CULTURE REPORT: In today’s Independent Arts and Culture report, we are joined by Richard Powell and Zack Green from Fatal Pictures to discuss their latest project Heir in the horror movie genre. If you want to donate to the project or find out more you can do so by going to kickstarter.com and searching Fatal Pictures and Heir or also go to fatalpictures.com. These gentleman also can be found on twitter at @fatalpictures!


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