SPECIAL EDITION Tuesday February 18th- Pan-African Movement

News Now Reporters Haseena Manek and Leana Lattanzio will be bringing you a special edition of News Now for African Liberation Month. Today, they will be joined by Thandiwe Chimurenga of the All-Afrikan Peoples Revolutionary Party, History PhD. Candidate Hillina Seife from the University of Michigan and Ajamu Nangwaya of the Pan-Afrikan Solidarity Network to have a live discussion on the Pan-Afrikan Movement.
The Pan-African movement has a long and diverse history as a force for political, economic and ideological change. Thandiwe Chimurenga and Hillina Seife start by discussing the history of the movement and how the movement connects with identities in North America. The discussion revolves around the work that they have done organizing within the movement, their ideology and their objectives and the beginnings of the Pan-African movement.

Pan-African Movement Discussion Part 2: Ajamu Nangwaya of the Pan-Afrikan Solidarity Network joins the show as the discussion continues on the Pan-African Movement. They discuss the current state of the movement and why it is important to maintain this movement in a contemporary context. The discussion digs into socializism and its relation to Pan-Africanism and why the economic aspects of the movement are important. They tackle other important questions such as:

What is happening in North America to support the movement?
What is the main obstacle for those in the movement?
Is it a grassroots movement?
Why are there people who choose to not identify themselves with the movement?

All this and more in the interview, click on the link above to listen! Don’t miss out on the insights of these three panelists and the important discussion of the Pan-African Movement.


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