Tuesday February 4th, 2014-Toronto Urban Book Expo, No More Silence and From the Root Zine

Community Report: News Now contributor Mel Dubé speaks with Stacey Marie Robinson, the founder of Kya Publishing, about the first upcoming Toronto Urban Book Expo on Saturday February 8th at the Toronto Public Library. It is an annual exposition of contemporary urban Canadian writers who will have the opportunity to display, sell and communicate their projects while promoting support and recognition for urban literacy and literature. To find out more information you can check out http:/ /kyapublishing.com or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/488090967935428/.

Feature Report: News Now reporter Fakiha Baig speaks to Audrey Huntley who is one of the co-founders of No More Silence. They discuss her efforts to raise awareness and bring an end to the violence and abuse experienced by indigenous women through her work with No More Silence. For more information please visit their blog at http://nomoresilence-nomoresilence.blogspot.ca/

Independent Arts Report: News Now reporter Casandra London speaks with Whitney French about her zine titled From the Root. She is an activist, poet and community leader who is dedicating her zine to publishing stories, poetry, articles and testimony’s of women in Canada. She discusses her work as well as the issue of hair, which is the topic for her zine due out this year. If you would like more information about the zine, she encourages you to email her at fromtherootzine@gmail.com.


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