Giveaway! Tune in on Monday, January 27th!


At News Now our listeners are important to us — we love every tweet, phone call, and e-mail you send us!

So make sure you are all listening Monday January 27th, because we will have live in-studio Juno Award winner Emilie Mover AND the amazing Megan Bonnel. The two Canadian songstresses will be joining us for an exclusive interview to talk about their experiences as females in the music industry, their latests projects, and their upcoming show at the Drake Hotel in February.

Be sure to listen that Monday, January 27th because with that exclusive interview you will have a chance to win a copy of both Emilie and Megan’s latest albums PLUS two tickets to their show in February at the Drake! All you’ll have to do is listen to the interview for your cue to call and give us your feedback on our show! This is a News Now exclusive, and we do not want our listeners to miss out so make sure you are tuned in!


Listen to us LIVE weekdays at 5pm:
CALL US AT: 416-736-5656


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