Viva La Vegan, Phil Demers, & Good For Her

Monday December 16th:

Conscious Consumption:  Joanna Beaton and Meghan McRae speak to Leigh-Chantelle, the blogger behind ‘Viva La Vegan’ on veganism, and ethical consumption. Visit Leigh-Chantelle online at:

Feature Report: Nicole Winchester and Meghan McRae interview Phil Demers, also known as the ‘Walrus Whisperer’, about his work against Marineland. With the recent television premiere of the documentary Blackfish, which exposes the many problems with marine life captivity at attractions such as Sea World. They talk to Phil to uncover similarities that exist between Sea World and our own Marineland in Southern Ontario. Follow him @walruswhisperer on Twitter. Phil is having a benefit at Wrong Bar on Jan. 22, 2014 – details at:

Conscious Consumption: Leana Latanzio speaks to Daniel Arzola about his I’m NotConscious Consumption: Carlyle Janssen from Good for Her, a Toronto based sex shop specializing in sophisticated toys for everyone! Follow her @carlylegood4her on Twitter and find them at:


Listen to us LIVE weekdays at 5pm:


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