BEST OF – Blueberry Soup, micha cardenas, & Kemar Miller

Friday December 13th:

York Community Report:  Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae talk with Eileen Jerrett about her latest documentary, Blueberry Soup. The documentary follows Iceland’s attempt to form a new consensus-based constitution, after the recent European economic collapse. Follow the film at:

Feature Report: Christian Deo speaks with trans activist, artist and academic Micha Cardenas. She talks about trans acitivism, the challenges of activism in corporate dominated communications and also to talk about her new piece, redshift and portalmetal, which is being performed as part of Toronto’s unapologetic burlesque show on December 16 and 17th. More info here: and more on Micha at

Independent Arts Report: For our independent arts and culture report today Hailee Ingleton interviews Kemar Miller, a Bio Med student at York University with a passion and talent for poetry. On today’s show he recites a piece that highlights the struggle that many immigrants experience when moving to Canada. Hailee talks to him about his own personal journey and how writing became his tool of expression.

Listen to us LIVE weekdays at 5pm:


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