BEST OF – Back to Church, LOVE, & Trans Women in the Media

Friday November 22nd:

York Community Report:  Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae sat down with Brittany Leigh and Anushki Bodhinayake, co-hosts and resident DJ of Back to Church. They discuss the queer party scene in Toronto and why they’re important for the queer community. To get in contact with Brittany or Anushki, check out Back To Church on Facebook!

Feature Report: Casandra London spoke to Terrence Rodriguez and Lana Feinstein from LOVE (Leave Out Violence). LOVE works to reduce violence in the lives of youth and in our communities by building a team of youth who communicate a message of non-violence. Learn more:

Independent Arts Report: Leana Lattanzio spoke with Bridget Liang, a member on the board of Centre for Women and Trans People at York University, about the representation of trans women in mainstream media by discussing the Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

The Philippines have recently been devastated by a typhoon which has killed an estimated ten thousand people. If you would like to donate to help, we urge you to check out and donate there. Global Medic is a non-profit emergency medical relief organization based in Toronto. Dedicated medical professionals who take time to to help people all over the world who have been devastated by natural and human induced disasters. This is all done without pay, every penny’s that is donated goes directly to helping serve the global community. Check out their website to see where the money goes at


Listen to us LIVE weekdays at 5pm:


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