Exclusive with SAIA York, Artist Franke James, & Wordsmiths TO

Wednesday November 6th:

York Community Report:  Christian Deo and Hailee Ingelton were joined live in studio by Imran, a member of both OPIRG York and Students Against Israeli Apartheid. On Tuesday, Nov. 5th, the groups took part in a protest against the York Administration’s student group ‘York is U’ spirit rally they were holding, and were met by a security force who threatened to arrest them for their actions. Imran from OPIRG spoke exclusively to News Now. Find SAIA York on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/SAIA.York and check out more at: http://saiayork.org/saia-blog/2013/11/5/students-declare-no-to-york-spirit-without-social-justice-and-divestment-york-security-threatens-to-arrest-them-all

Feature Interview: Christian Deo and Hailee Ingelton spoke with artist and environmental activist Franke James. Her provocative artwork and posters, which have been featured in bus stops as far as Washington DC, take aim at Canada’s oil industry and the federal government that shamelessly promotes it. She has been targeted by the federal government several times for her artwork and was even placed on the now-infamous Harper government enemy list. Visit her at: http://www.frankejames.com

Independent Arts Report: Christian Deo and Hailee Ingelton were joined live in studio by Ashley Khan, the volunteer facilitator of a new writing collective called Wordsmiths TO. They will be meeting at the Parkdale Library, starting Nov. 7th. Visit them at: https://www.facebook.com/events/382490605212112/?fref=ts


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