Wednesday, October 23rd:

For our fundraising drive, you will be hearing the best moments of News Now. We are showcasing the importance of community-led news and underrepresented voices on the radio in a time when multinational media conglomerates rule the airwaves and a shrinking pool of opinions and tastes are represented. Please call 416-736-5656 at any point throughout the show to donate and support community radio and alternative news.

And to show we care about our listeners, every show we are offering our first donor of $20 or more a brand-new, hot off the presses, 15th edition of Upping the Anti, a radical collection of publications which documents resistance groups and international left politics from a variety of voices! To learn more visit:

On top of that, the Black Creek Community Farm has kindly donated us 5 food baskets! And we are offering those as prizes for the first caller who calls in and donates $25 or more. That’s right – you can win fresh locally grown vegetables from here in the Jane and finch community for a donation of $25 to CHRY, your community radio station! Call 416-736-5656 to make that donation.

Today’s feature clips will include segments from interviews looking into Fat Phobia and the pressures of body image in society, the life and times of activist Charles Roach, problems with international surveillance programs aimed at the public, and also a discussion with the program manager of the Black Creek Community Farm. We will also be going over some of various contributor’s pieces looking at issues of safe spaces and redefining sexual boundaries on University campuses, a look at the Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty’s ‘Raise the Rates’ campaign as well as some exposes into Toronto’s independent artist community, looking at groups such as the RISE Poetry Edutainment Concert.

[Image via Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty]


Listen to us LIVE weekdays at 5pm:


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