Thursday, October 17th:

For our fundraising drive, you will be hearing the best moments of News Now. We are showcasing the importance of community-led news and underrepresented voices on the radio in a time when multinational media conglomerates rule the airwaves and a shrinking pool of opinions and tastes are represented. Please call 416-736-5656 at any point throughout the show to donate and support community radio and alternative news.

And to show we care about our listeners, every show we are offering our first donor of $20 or more a brand-new, hot off the presses, 15th edition of Upping the Anti, a radical collection of publications which documents resistance groups and international left politics from a variety of voices! To learn more visit:

Today’s feature clips include segments from interviews on the topics of Access Copyright Collective’s lawsuit against the University with expert Michael Geist, government surveillance of Canadian citizens, the ‘Disarm the Cops’ event, and OCAP’s march for the disadvantaged in downtown Toronto. Then, on our Independent Arts Report, we will hear clips about local independent artist collectives and projects such as UNITY charity and Lost Lyrics. On our York Connection Report, we hear about issues and topics that are connected to the York Community directly such as research into conflict of interest policies at medical schools in Canada conducted at York and a protest held during the detention of Tarek Loubani and John Greyson in Egypt.

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Listen to us LIVE weekdays at 5pm:


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