Free Tarek & John Rally, Transit in Toronto & This Is My Time

Monday, October 7th:

York Community Report: Though Tarek Loubani and John Greyson have been released from detention in Cairo, they were unable to leave the country until this week. Until Tarek and John are home, News Now will continue to update the situation. Christian Deo brings audio from the Day of Concern Rally at York University for Tarek and John. Keep updated at:

Feature Interview: On today’s feature interview, News Now host Joanna Beaton interviews Herman Rosenfeld from the GTWA (Greater Toronto Worker’s Assembly) regarding their free and accessible transit initiative. Learn more at: and follow the GTWA on Twitter @_GTWA.

Independent Arts Report: In a radio documentary produced by the the upper-level communications class Theory & Practice of Effective Communication at York University, we hear from students and faculty about the university’s new “This Is My Time” branding campaign. From the reasons behind the campaign to its cost-effectiveness along with the problematic nature of the “Vision Exchange”, the documentary critically examines the corporate branding of universities in our neoliberal climate. Listen to what students have to say about university funds being spent on media branding in the face of growing student debt and the inadequate resources available to students on campus.

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