BEST OF THE WEEK: Free Tarek & John, The ‘Battle for Cyberspace’, & Independent Arts Report: ‘Ordinary Woman, Extraordinary Dreams

Friday, September 27, 2013 – BEST OF THE WEEK:

York Community Report: York University professor and prominent filmmaker John Greyson and London Ontario doctor Tarek Loubani have now been detained for over 40 days in Cairo, Egypt without charge. Their wrongful detention has been justified under Egypt’s emergency law that could detain these men for 2 years without trial or charge. The Harper government has spoken out against this, but has not demanded their release. On Thursday, Sept 26th, the York community organized a rally to show support. Maggie Reid attended the rally just outside of Vari Hall where hundreds came out in support of the detained men.

Feature Interview: For our feature interview, Maggie Reid speaks with Professor Ron Deibert, author of ‘Black Code’, director of the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto and the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies about global surveillance and security, censorship and human rights in the context of what he calls ‘the battle for cyberspace’.

Independent Arts Report: ‘Ordinary Woman, Extraordinary Dreams’ is a documentary that follows Maggie Sofea, paralyzed in a diving accident at age 11, as she reconnects with her First Nations community in Northwestern Ontario. Christian Deo speaks to Darren Lillington, one of Maggie’s caretakers, about the making of the film.

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