Life & Legacy of Charles Roach, Political Discussions @ the Coffee Shop, & ArtFLASH

Wednesday September 18, 2013:

York Community Report: Christian Deo chats with Jahan Nooshinravan from the Socialist Fightback Club about their event ‘Political Discussions at the Coffee Shop’. The club will be meeting at Treats in the Student Centre every Thursday from 6-8 PM to meet other activists and discuss political issues. Visit the Socialist Fightback Club online at: or

Feature Interview: Kofi Sankofa speaks to Miguel Saint Vincent, co-owner of A Different Booklist, about the life of Charles Roach, civil rights lawyer, activist, founder of Caribana and the Black Action Defense Committee. He was also an advocate for an end to Canadian monarchy and the establishment of Canada as a republic. They discuss his remarkable life, his work, and a book of his poetry and art published to honour his life. To purchase the book, visit:

Independent Arts Report: Christian Deo interviews Victoria Barnett from OPIRG York about ArtFLASH, one of OPIRG’s DisOrientation events. ArtFLASH is a hands-on creative workshop to teach button-making, banner-making, and different artistic and creative techniques to design your own activist artwork and clothing.

[images via Socialist Fightback Club,, and]


Listen to us LIVE weekdays at 5pm:


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