LIVE Interview on Cultural Appropriation in the Media

Monday September 16, 2013:

York Community Report: Andrew Borzic speaks to members of the Students for Safer Spaces Collective, an initiative inspired by a class project. The collective began with the concern the students have with the university’s approach to student safety on campus. The three students explain what their goals are as a collective, and what students can do to change the stigmas attached to campus safety.

Feature Interview: Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae discuss cultural appropriation in a LIVE interview with Aruna Boodram, post-Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. They talk about appropriation in music, culture and fashion, as well as Halloween costuming — and how to be respectful of other cultures.

Independent Arts Report: Leana Lattanzio speaks to Rudy from SKETCH, a community arts initiative for street-involved and homeless youth, as well as those living on the margins. SKETCH is in the middle of building a new space and expanding. They discuss SKETCH’s process, how they work and what resources they provide for youth to create their art.

[images via http://www.sketch.ca & wikipedia commons]


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