Big Pharma and conflict of interest policies at Canadian medical schools

Thursday, August 15th edition:

York Connect: News Now reporter Cassandra London speaks with the co-founder of the Toronto Monologue Slam, Andre Newell and Gugan Deep Singh—one of the performers. Hear them talk about how the slam started and the creative stories that were showcased on stage. [Repeat]

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Feature Interview: “There’s no institutional support or very little institutional support for protecting medical students from industry influence.”

News Now‘s Maggie Reid speaks with Adrienne Shnier, York University doctoral candidate and lead author of the recent study, “Too Few, Too Weak: Conflict of Interest Policies at Canadian Medical Schools”. The study ranks all 17 Canadian medical schools based on their conflict of interest policies and finds that a majority of schools have weak or permissive policies. Listen to Shnier speak on the prevalence of ghostwriting in medical journals, how pharmaceutical industries’ commercial interests get in the way of teaching to prescribe medicine based on the best clinical information, and the institutional changes needed to provide unbiased education.

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Independent Arts and Culture: Part four of our series on Toronto artists who bring light to social issues. News Now‘s Hailee Ingleton interviews spoken word artist Brittany Prout about her poetry, performing on stage, and empowering people by expressing thoughts and feelings they themselves can’t. Listen to Prout perform “Ready,” a spoken word piece about how she feels about love in her life. [Repeat]

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