OPIRG York DisOrientation & Unhealthy Social Media Trends: Thinspo, Fitspo and Curvespo

Tuesday, August 20th 2013 edition:

York Connection: News Now Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae speak with Victoria from OPIRG York discussing Disorientation – an alternative to ‘traditional’ frosh week activities. “It offers students and community members access to exciting social justice spheres at York and beyond York.”

Feature Interview: Disclaimer – Contains content that some viewers may find disturbing. For the latest installment of Fat Phobia, Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae tackle one of the most prevalent social media trends; #thinspo #fitspo and the latest adaptation #curvespo. What are these and what are the repercussions? 


[photo credits: http://www.opirgyork.ca/


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