Snowden in his own words, WikiLeaks researcher Ryan Watts, and Balca Arda on art and the Gezi resistance

Monday, August 12th edition:


York Connect: News Now‘s Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae speak with Dr. Nombuso Dlamini about the community-based research project “Engaging Girls, Changing Communities”. Dr. Dlamini tells us how the project sheds light on the barriers for young women to leadership positions and the kind of support that should be offered for them to reach their goals. Listen to Dr. Dlamini speak about the importance of learning to “meaningfully participate and engage” in the political process and how young women can learn from one another. [Repeat]

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Feature Interview: “Totalitarian societies rely on the absolute production and control of information.” – Ryan Watts

In part three of our state surveillance series, we have an excerpt from Edward Snowden’s interview with The Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald followed by a conversation between News Now‘s Matt Prokopiw and WikiLeaks researcher Ryan Watts. From The Guardian‘s interview, Snowden reveals the inner workings of the NSA and the moral dilemma that led him to become a whistleblower. Afterwards, Watts speaks on how governments strip privacy rights in the name of national security, the internet as a free public space, and the importance of net neutrality for the future of democracy. Listen to find out why it matters that “even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded.”

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Independent Arts and Culture: News Now‘s Matt Prokopiw speaks with Balca Arda, an international graduate student at York University in Political Science, about the role of art and media in the Gezi resistance movement. Arda explains how art has helped to humanize the Gezi protestors and bring their message to the world at large. As a native of Turkey, Arda talks about the work she’s doing in Canada to bring awareness to the movement and the fight for “radical democracy.” Listen to Arda’s views on the elitism and the lack of self-criticism in western art and the need for populist tools to convey radical ideas to mainstream audiences.

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Check out Arda’s documentary on chapulling in Toronto:


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