SASSL calls out for new volunteers, Juice Cleanses; Good for you or for capitalism? & Mural Archive Project

Tuesday, August 13th 2013 Edition:

York Connection Report: News Now Meghan MacRae and Joanna Beaton interview Morella from Sexual Assault Survivors Support Line(SASSL) to discuss and announce their call out for new volunteers. Listen to find out more information on how to get involved.

[image via]

Feature Interview: News Now Meghan McRae and Joanna Beaton continue their Fat Phobia series with guest Julia De Laurentiis Johnson – a journalist for Maclean’s Magazine to discuss her article on juice cleanses and whether their ‘good for you or good for capitalism?’

[image via [photograph by Liam Morgan]

Independent Arts Report: News Now Leanna Lattanzio interviews Maria, a representative for Mural Archive Project which dedicates their time to giving youth a voice through artistic expression.

[image via received from cover photo]
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