Prison Radio Guelph, FEAT for Children of Incarcerated parents & Rittenhouse

Thursday, August 8th 2013 (Prison Justice Week)

York Connection Report: To talk about prison justice day and prison justice activism, News Now Maggie Reid  joins with Shabina Lafluer Gangji and Carly Forbes, two members of Prison Radio Guelph.

Feature Interview: News Now Christian Deo interviews Jessica Reid, the executive director of program research at FEAT and  Derek Reid, the executive director of operations. FEAT is a local organization which stands for Fostering, Empowering and Advocating Together for Children of Incarcerated Parents. Their goal is to bridge the gap between incarcerated parents and their children.

Independent Arts Report: News Now Rachelle Chau interviews Joan Rusza from Rittenhouse, an organization that is committed to establishing different trains of thought towards the penal system. They promote structural equality, de-colonization, abolitionism, decarceration, decriminalization and transformative justice.

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