YFS’ Education Coalition, Ajamu Nangwaya on shooting death of Sammy Yatim, and Lost Lyrics’ “Live Report Card”

Wednesday, July 31st edition:


York Connect: “The main issues are that the post-secondary education system is inaccessible and unaffordable.”

News Now‘s Ayushi Sharman talks to Safiyah Husein, York Federation of Students vice-president equity, about YFS’ Education Coalition and how it seeks to help post-secondary students in Ontario. Husein speaks on the inaccessibility of Ontario’s post-secondary education system with rising tuition fees and reduced government funding for students. Listen to Husein’s thoughts on the student movement, the quality of education in Ontario, and how you can get involved with the Education Coalition.

[Image via yfs.ca]

Feature Interview: “Police historically have targeted people […] whose bodies are read as being a threat to public order.”

In part two of our series on police brutality and racial profiling, News Now‘s Ayushi Sharman speaks with activist and educator Ajamu Nangwaya about the shooting death of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim by Toronto police. Nangwaya talks about the role of racial profiling and mental health in Yatim’s death and how police forces are inadequately trained in de-escalation tactics and often receive lenient punishment for their use of excessive force. Listen to Nangwaya’s thoughts on the increasing abuse of power by police and how people need to “push back” against a police force that serves the dominant interests.

[Image via www.facebook.com/JusticeForSammyYatim]

Independent Arts and Culture: “The Live Report Card” is an annual event where the students of Lost Lyrics, an alternative education program engaging youth in Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods, use their talents to creatively portray their struggles, knowledge, and the change that they advocate for in their communities. News Now‘s Hailee Ingleton interviewed Natasha Daniel, co-founder and program director of Lost Lyrics, about the event and Lost Lyric’s vision as “a space between street knowledge and classroom knowledge.” Hear Daniel talk about how Lost Lyrics creates critical thinkers along with excerpts of performances from the event.

[Image via www.facebook.com/events/207736766042753]


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