Terry Poulton author of ‘No Fat Chicks’ & The One More Night Festival

York Connection Report: News Now Joanna Beaton and Meghan McRae interview Graham Bowditch from the Centre for Human Rights At York about the REDI campaign.   [re-run]

Feature Interview: Check out this installment of Fat Phobia where we bring you clips from Alan Gregg’s TVO interview with Terry Poulton on her book “No Fat Chicks”, which details her personal experience with ‘fat shaming’ as well as examination of the prevalence of weight obsession in our society and some implications of stigmatizing those who are deemed to be overweight or obese.

Independent Arts Report: We speak with Vikki Velenosi, artistic producer of the One More Night Festival and owner of The Box, a multipurpose art space located here in Toronto where the festival will take a place at the end of this month.

[photo credits: terrypoulton.com, theboxtoronto.com]

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