Sci-Fi at OPIRG York, Justice for Ned Livingston Peart, and Spoken Word Artist Brittany Prout

Wednesday, July 10th edition:

York Connect: News Now‘s Ayushi Sharman speaks with Kenji Tokawa, the library coordinator at OPIRG York, about their summer radical reading series focusing on radical science fiction. Tokawa tells us about the work done at OPIRG York, how sci-fi can demonstrate creative models for human progress, and the summer series being moderated by feminist science fiction author, Zainab Amadahy. Listen to learn more about the event beginning July 24 that will engage with the works of Robert Sullivan, Thomas King, and Octavia Butler.

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Feature Interview: News Now‘s Ayushi Sharman interviews Tzazna Miranda Leal, a member of Justicia for Migrant Workers, about the recent hearing at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for the death of Ned Livingston Peart. Leal speaks on the demand for justice through a public inquest into Peart’s death and the need for systemic change by amending Ontario’s Coroners Act to include mandatory inquests for migrant worker deaths in the agricultural industry. Listen to Leal talk about the racialized nature of agriculture in Ontario and how such an amendment is an extension of rights already granted to workers in the construction and mining industries.

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Independent Arts and Culture: Part four of our series on Toronto artists who bring light to social issues. News Now‘s Hailee Ingleton interviews spoken word artist Brittany Prout about her poetry, performing on stage, and empowering people by expressing thoughts and feelings they themselves can’t. Listen to Prout perform “Ready,” a spoken word piece about how she feels about love in her life.

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