Mad Pride Toronto and AfriCan Theatre Ensemble

Monday, July 8th edition:

York Connection Report: News Now Leanna Lattanzio spoke with Elizabeth from Mad Pride; an arts, culture, and heritage festival created by psychiatric survivors, consumers, mad people and folks that the world has labelled “mentally ill”. Mad Pride Toronto is taking place this week and ending Sunday, July 14th on International Mad Pride Day. Listen to know more details about the event.

Feature Interview: Kim Stanton, Legal Director at the Women’s Legal Education & Actions Fund (LEAF) talks about the Report on the Missing Women’s Commission in relation to missing and murdered women as well as the inadequate government/legal response. [repeat interview]

Independent Arts Report: News Now contributor Mel Dube speaks LIVE with Modupe Olaogun, the artistic coordinator of the AfriCan Theatre Ensemble. Mel discusses with Modupe about the African Theatre Ensemble’s 2013/2014 Season featuring two new electrifying plays at the Toronto Center for the Arts.

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